Onyx Lifestyle First Month In Business Exceeds $10 Million – Over 4,200 People Joined

Onyx Lifestyle First Month In Business Exceeds $10 Million - Over 4,200 People Joined

Over 4,200 people have joined Onyx since launch.

These impressive numbers are thanks to the robust Onyx digital platform, experienced global leadership, and a unique product offering that attracts individuals looking to improve their lifestyle.

Sales exceeded $10 million doin Onyx’s first month, with over

  • 1,000 people earning a commission check.
  • Over 470 people achieve ranks
  • 215 people earned over $1,000
  • Four people earned over $100,000!

View this video to for more impressive stats and figures from Onyx’s Founder, Travis Bott:



So many exciting things have already been achieved in Onyx:

  • Launched the world’s first private membership with multi currency capabilities in Dubai
  • Onyx has paid out over $2 million in commissions our first month in business.
  • Release of private wholesale travel booking engine
  • Announced our next Collective in Singapore
  • 20 members have earned the next Collective experience so far
  • Multiple Businessforhome features with new members coming in and achieving ranks quickly
  • Over 4,200 people joining Onyx
  • Multiple people earning their Black Card
  • Multiple Custom Gold Card earners
  • 3 New amazing promotions (Gold Card & Pop Up Collective, Six Figure Club)
  • 10 Tutorial Videos in multiple languages
  • The momentum with Onyx keeps creating more and more waves!
  • The first 4-week rolling commission period just ended.
  • 11 achieved the rank of Ambassador ($80,000 in sales volume during a 4-week period)
  • 13 achieve the rank of Platinum Ambassador ($150,000 in sales volume during a 4-week period)
  • 3 Executive Ambassadors ($250,0000 in sales volume during a 4-week period)
  • 1 Presidential Ambassador ($500,000 in sales volume during a 4-week period)
  • 3 Crown Ambassador ($750,000 in sales volume during a 4-week period)

“After my years in the industry and being an entrepreneur, I saw the timing and opportunity to offer a solution in emerging crypto market, but didn’t want to stop there. This is why the membership we offer includes services that allow someone to liquidate crypto today, and pay rent tomorrow.

This is a multi-currency account that allows you to hold fiat, crypto currency, and a debit card; allowing you to use your funds instantly. Your Onyx membership also allows access to our exclusive travel provider and other luxury services, like the 24/7 concierge.

This is something that has never been done before. We couldn’t be more excited by how quickly it is being adopted in the market. As more and more people understand the use and accessibility, the speed of our adoption around the world will continue to increase.

More than just figures and stats, we have an amazing staff, with world class facilities, to support and scale with our growth. We invested in personnel from the beginning. Aside from our experienced executive and management teams, we have over 10 experienced multilingual customer service agents that were hired before launch. This allowed us to support our field in their native languages and have our marketing materials translated out of the gate.” – says Founder, Travis Bott

“Our goal as a company is to create a culture where no one is better than another. We work together as a Collective to provide solutions in our member’s daily lives, always striving to elevate every aspect of our Members’ lives.” – says President, Tuffy Baum

“I’m so happy and honored I got the call from Travis to join Onyx as President. The trajectory of growth is exciting, and the long term vision is becoming a reality quicker than we would have imagined. I am looking forward to meeting our new members in person in the near future as Travis and I start our next tour of global market visits very soon.”


 We are a company built around bringing luxury level services to the average person. When you become a member of Onyx, you will gain access to a digital platform built to save you time, money, increase your wealth, and provide you VIP treatment previously reserved only for the elite.

Currency Management Platform: Global banking through your personal account. Connecting you to all the services you need.

Onyx Premier Card: As part of your Onyx Lifestyle Membership, you will receive a Premier Membership Card. It’s not just a card, it’s a key to luxury. There are several membership tiers so you can choose what is right for you.

Crypto Conversion: Let us help you bridge the fiat and crypto markets world wide. Buy, Sell, and use Crypto. Connect your crypto wallet to your everyday activities.

Luxury Benefits: You will receive exclusive access to VIP events that you normally wouldn’t have access to. Whether it’s sporting events, fashion, movie premiers, concerts, nightlife, etc. Whatever your interests, we will help you gain exclusive access.

LQD8 Blocks: Put your money to work through the micro-lending program that allows you to participate in providing liquidity loans to the crypto market.

Wholesale Travel: Book travel through our powerful booking engine or with your personal Onyx concierge. Get access to the best wholesale travel pricing in the world. Please visit our website for more information: www.onyxlifestyle.com Get more information, facts and figures about Onyx Lifestyle, click here for the Onyx Lifestyle overview.

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