The Forensic Networker: Build The Industry Before Building Your Team 

The Forensic Networker: Build The Industry Before Building Your Team 

Ramin Mesgarlou also know as  “The Forensic Networker” said about this topic:

I am often asked during my seminars about the “bad companies” that exist in MLM or “how do you handle the negative perception on MLM”?

Have you ever heard MLM companies say “we are not MLM”?

There is a famous adage in politics that states “it’s about the economy stupid”, because it sets the basic platform for all to succeed. This doesn’t mean a strong economy will make everyone rich or even do better, but it establishes the basic platform and environment for success if we do our part. A good economic wave will carry all who swim with it in the same direction.

Similarly in MLM, “it’s about the industry”.

This understanding is more important than just our company or even our team because if the industry flourishes, that momentum wave carries all companies & teams with it.If the industry falters, we all suffer regardless of how good our company may be.

So understand what I call “The Success Flow” in MLM, in the following order of priority:

  1. We build up the industry
  2. We build up our company
  3. We build up our team

The fact is, it doesn’t matter how good your team performs if your company is struggling. Soon, you might not even have a company, so BUILD UP your company even harder than your team. This means that you SUPPORT ALL, and not just the people on your team. This means you participate in all company events and help all when possible, regardless of your team or not. This means you edify all leaders and all partners, regardless if they are on your team or not. This is in contrast to playing down others while trying to be the hero.

Ramin Mesgarlou

Similarly, it doesn’t matter how “great” your company is, if the industry is struggling in your country. As you build your team & company, work even harder to build up the industry within every presentation and discussion.

Some will say “well, that doesn’t make me money” or think by bringing down others, that will make their company look better. It is that backwards, amateur attitude that leaves them broke, even with the greatest money making machine we call MLM.

Understanding MLM’s divine laws:

You have to understand that there are certain laws I call MLM’s divine laws, which is directly related to quantum physics in nature.

Since these are “The Laws of Nature”, this means these divine laws are 100% implemented and not 99%. You simply cannot get away from them, so you better learn these laws so you can take out the stick in the wheels of momentum in your business. One of these laws is:

“What is placed in motion remains in motion”

Which means if there are negative news going around, it continues unless it is met with even stronger positive news. I am here to tell you that ALL get affected by this negative or positive wave, so we all need to do our part to start a new positive wave, and do it better than the SUNBLOCKS who are constantly bashing our beloved industry.

Another nature’s divine law that is the fundamental base for MLM is:

“What you pour in to (energy), you will get back”

Zig Ziglar said it best “Give enough people what they want and you will get what you want”. So, if you are giving to ALL and not just the team that makes you money, you will see a much bigger return from MLM because there are far more people in MLM outside your team than there are inside your team.

DO YOU GET IT ??????

These are DIVINE LAWS OF NATURE that you simply cannot escape.

Perhaps, now some of you can identify the stick in your momentum wheel that you can remove immediately.

There are other divine laws of nature, like the law of attraction and others but today my target was to take you from wherever you are in your MLM business, and place you on a success path where you can rise to your full potential.

So, the next time one of your trainer’s role plays with you on how to promote your company, by bringing other companies or the whole industry down, send him/her this Forensic Networker Mantra and say

“Its about the industry stupid”. If you GET IT, write below “I GET IT”

Stay Forensic

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