Tomorrow’s Leaf Granted US Patent For Their Exclusive Prebiotic Activ Technology

Tomorrow’s Leaf Granted US Patent For Their Exclusive Prebiotic Activ Technology

Direct Sales company Tomorrow’s Leaf announced that on July 25, 2019, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted patent number 15/331,679 for their exclusive Prebiotic Activ Technology used in their acne formulas branded as SkinSanity to treat mild to moderate acne.

The groundbreaking discovery engineered by sister company, Cosmetic Research Lab, was made after testing nearly 300 different botanicals and the synergy between them. Designed for the treatment of mild to moderate acne and accelerated aging, this technology utilizes a synergized patented extract of organic blackcurrants and European wild-crafted pine.

Both are processed under a specific patented method. Unlike benzoyl peroxide (“BPO”) that kills good microbes along with the bad and disrupts the natural barrier, their Prebiotic Activ TechnologyTM carefully nurtures friendly bacteria, helping them to outcompete the harmful ones to naturally treat acne concerns and other skin issues and diseases including dermatitis.

BPO is known by dermatologists and the FDA to have side effects of drying, burning and peeling effects on the skin. SkinSanity products contain this exclusive technology that naturally help to solve many skin issues.

SkinSanity and other health and wellness products by Tomorrow’s Leaf are all formulated based on green science and functional medicine principals. Not only are their formulas doctor-tested and efficacious, theyare also toxic-free, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and made with organic and ethically sourced plant based ingredients. Other branded line extensions launching later in 2019 include, nutritional supplements, essential oils and CBD products.

“Our products are able to fill a gap and satisfy consumers who want authentic, healthy, environmentally friendly clean beauty products that don’t compromise quality or performance.


Because we manufacture and own the exclusive right to all our formulas, we can offer unparalleled value to our customers and business partners.”

stated Paul Drake, CEO & Founder.

Leading the Industry with Clean Beauty Standards and Legislative Advocacy

It is the mission of Tomorrow’s Leaf to be market leaders in advocating for clean, safe, beauty and wellness products that offer truly authentic transformative results for everyone. In an effort to further their mission and improve ingredient transparency and accountability, Tomorrow’s Leaf has published, The Beauty Watch List.

This comprehensive reference guide identifies and details over 1,300 cosmetic ingredients known to be harmful to human health and is available for a free download from their website. Many of the unsafe ingredients on the Watch List are still being used in the US by brands claiming to be “clean and green”.

“Personal care products should support our health, not compromise it. It’s been a staggering 80 years since Congress last passed cosmetics law and with only 8 ingredients being banned in the US.


We are proud to be the first beauty and wellness company to openly share, not just all EU banned ingredients, but an expanded list of 13  classifications that give cause for concern and why.


The Beauty Watch List provides a helping hand in understanding these ingredients and is a much easier way of learning what’s what…

stated Karen Sinclair Drake, Co-Founder

Tomorrow’s Leaf and its sister R&D company,Cosmetic Research Lab, are proud sponsors of “The Personal Care Products Safety Act”, a senate bi-partisan bill that would reform FDA ingredient regulations of personal care products which have remained largely unchanged since 1938.

About Tomorrow’s Leaf

At Tomorrow’s Leaf we transform and enhance the lives of our customers with life-altering products, our business partners with an exceptional business opportunity and our planet with environmental consciousness.

Tomorrow’s Leaf customers are the foundation of our business and we are excited to thank them with discounts and cash rewards just for letting others know about the products they use and love. Tomorrow’s Leaf, is a referral based, direct to consumer distribution model via a network of consultants and Community Thought LeadersTM, aka, influencers. Everyone that uses, loves, and shares our products, wins.

For 22 years the founders of Tomorrow’s Leaf have focused on transforming lives with innovation in the health and beauty industry. Through their R&D superstar, Cosmetic Research Lab, they are recognized as true pioneers in engineering efficacious clean beauty formulas based on green science and functional medicine principals that are used and recommended by doctors. Their innovations have won numerous awards and their products have been recommended in several New York Times bestsellers.

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