Eduardo Vazquez and Cristina Lopez From Mexico Achieve Diamond Rank At Dagcoin – Success Factory

Eduardo Vazquez and Cristina Lopez From Mexico Achieve Diamond Rank At Dagcoin - Success Factory

Success Factory is a company with global outreach, and in the recent months, one of its most active branches, Latin America, is rising up to the sky, scattering Diamonds all over the region, from Mexico to Argentina.

Eduardo Vazquez and Cristina Lopez are some of the fresh Diamonds from Mexico and members of the renowned international team Success4All, led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala.

Eduardo admits that he hasn’t got any previous experience in the industry and that before Success Factory, he only had a brief contact with a couple network marketing companies in the role of a consumer. In June 2018, the couple joined the company and initiated their very first venture into the world of network marketing business. A year later, they are already Diamonds going for Blue Diamonds…

Eduardo tells us about his reasons and his first steps in the industry:

“In the beginning, I was looking for an opportunity that would let me work together with my wife, as a couple, as well as to improve our economic situation at that time. I knew that network marketing gave a lot of possibilities to people around the world, so it looked very attractive to us.

 Our first mistake was that we thought it was very easy, but soon, as we were advancing, we understood that this business requires seriousness and professionalism, if you ever want to be successful. But we didn’t give up. Instead, we took on a lot training, developed a stronger discipline and followed all the guidelines of our mentors. It is very important to leave aside your ego, be humble and ready to learn.”

Eduardo adds some passionate words about network marketing:

“Network marketing is, first and foremost, a path of personal evolution. The only way for you to develop professionally and achieve important results is to grow as a person, in all the aspects: social, cultural. Your success will depend on how much you have learned, practiced, shared with others… This industry gives you so much that you really become a true leader and professional, ready to pay it forward.”

Success Factory was the very first company Eduardo and Cristina joined as networkers:

“Success Factory today is a company with one of the highest growth expectations in the world. It’s an innovative business model designed to cover the needs of the current market. Success Factory offers products and services that are already a necessity in the everyday life, in addition to taking advantage of a digital era and latest developments.

We feel privileged to have joined this large-scale project at its beginning and honoured to personally meet the legends of the industry Igor Alberts, Andreea Cimbala, Mario Vielmas, and Giovanna Renteria.


Being able to work side by side with the top leaders of network marketing and access their mentorship and teachings is priceless.

The meteoric rise of Eduardo and Cristina to their current rank was enthusiastically received among their companions. At first, the couple wouldn’t understand the reason for such celebration, but then they realized that it wasn’t very common in the industry to achieve such extraordinary results in such a short time. The secret, they say, is simple:

“We were strongly committed and ready for intense work from the first day. It is all about doing things right, being honest and keeping your word, as well as being ready to pay the price of success and to leave our comfort zone every day.

After only a year, we have already changed our life in a drastic way. We have earned the respect and admiration of the people around us, of our children. We started travelling around the world, and our goal is to help as many families as possible, bringing them the tools for becoming better people and achieving their dreams.”

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