Jorge And Leticia Roman From Mexico Achieve Diamond Rank At Dagcoin – Success Factory

Jorge And Leticia Roman From Mexico Achieve Diamond Rank At Dagcoin- Success Factory

Success Factory is a company with global outreach, and in the recent months, one of its most active branches, Latin America, is rising up to the sky, scattering Diamonds all over the region, from Mexico to Argentina.

Jorge and Leticia Roman have been recently recognized for achieving the rank of Diamond in the Success Factory company. From Mexico, they are also members of the famous international team Success4All, led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala. The couple is mainly active in their home country, but also has teams operating in Colombia and even Spain!

Jorge tells us that he and Leticia are relatively new to the network marketing business. Indeed, their overall experience is of 18 months, out of which almost a year and a half is with Success Factory. Nevertheless, the results speak for themselves, as after only a year of activity, the couple was able to proudly boast the rank of Diamond. Jorge tells us about his impression of the industry:

What attracted us most in network marketing was the freedom. The freedom of time, the freedom of work… It’s you and only you who decide how you want to work, where and when, and with what people.


And people here are amazing! We’ve made some really good friends in the industry, and our team is like family to us.

For me, network marketing is the most honest way to distribute the benefits of a business activity. People have the possibility to get a fair reward for their effort and hard work, and even more than that: they get publicly recognized and awarded for the results they achieve. And that makes the networkers even more motivated to do their job. Everybody wins.”

Jorge And Leticia Roman From Mexico

In March 2018, Jorge and Leticia joined Success Factory by the invitation of Mario Vielmas. They tell us about their reasons:

We saw that Mario Vielmas was having incredible results in this company, so because of his example of growth and commitment, we decided to accept his invitation and join in.


One of the main teachings Mario gave us was that if you do everything as a team, as a family, the results will exceed all the expectations. Indeed, the team starts at home.

From the beginning, we were able to count on continuous support and encouragement on the part of our uplines and the leadership of the company. One can see that the company is really concerned about all its people, so we had always available a lot of trainings and lectures that gave us all the necessary tools to grow and develop.”

Jorge highlights the fact that their main gain from working with Success Factory wasn’t only the money:

We are now generating a higher income, it’s true, but the main thing I would like to point out is that the experience here has been very enriching for our personal and professional growth. We have been able to travel the world, meet new people, make great friends, as well as expand our business in many cities in Latin America.

We’re extremely grateful to the Success4All team, to Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, as well as to Mario Vielmas and our upline Hugo Ortiz for inviting and supporting us in this great venture. I think that under their outstanding leadership as well as the wise direction of the founders, Success Factory will become the company #1 in the world.”

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