Igor Alberts Celebrates 32 years In MLM With $110 Million In Lifetime Earnings

Igor Alberts Celebrates 32 years In MLM With $110 Million In Lifetime Earnings

Today, October 19, Igor E. Alberts , born, raised and resides in the Netherlands, is celebrating his birthday.

32 years ago, he decided that the world was too big to spend his hours, days and years locked in a workplace that wouldn’t challenge him, wouldn’t fill his soul and wouldn’t allow him to enjoy that huge world.

He signed up for Network Marketing in Amway, followed in those 32 years by other MLM opportunities.

This was a decision that many people make every day, but not all really commit to it. Needless to say that network marketing is not an industry where one comes to do nothing: freedom, like everything, has a price, and that price is commitment, effort, and perseverance.

Together with his wife and business partner Andreea Cimbala, the couple has recently reached $110 million in lifetime earnings.

Andreea Cimbala, who began her career in network marketing when she had barely come of age, is now one of the most influential business women in the Network Marketing industry.

Throughout these exciting 32 years, Igor Alberts has experienced the most difficult and also the most spectacular moments of working in this industry. In his own words:

“If you don’t fail, you’re not even trying.”

It has been much more than a career and more than a trade, more and more new entrepreneurs come to Igor to learn how to create their own success together with a legend of the industry.

Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala

A leader, a mentor, a husband, a father… and a dreamer, as he sometimes calls himself, Igor is one of the living proofs that dreams are possible when you decide not to give up on them, no matter what happens.

“An achievement like this can only be possible when you believe in what you do, love what you do and love the people you work with.”

Igor explains.

“I have always been very clear that to fulfil your dreams, you must first help others to fulfil their dreams.


When you create a true connection with your team, when you really feel the success of others as your own, you always receive such a powerful and positive energy that you can’t avoid making a little more effort, helping other people to become the legends of their families. It’s something amazing.”

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