David Imonitie Nr. 1 African American Income Earner in The MLM Industry

David Imonitie Nr. 1 African American Income Earner in The MLM Industry

David Imonitie is known and highly respected throughout the industry not because of the sales generated but for his ability to build some of the largest organizations the industry has ever seen. 

David currently sits as the #1 African American income earner in the direct sales industry. In addition, out of 150 million people within that industry, he comes in today as the 7th highest income earner worldwide. Yet ask him about those stats and it’s not important to him. 

The secret?

He builds his foundation through the power of belief and leading by example.  Authentic, genuine and more importantly a man that will stand for truth to do the right thing and against all odds; David proves himself every time to be an example of leadership even if it means to ride the storm alone.

“There’s no winning at business when we know ‘business’ will never have an end.  You have to have that mindset and that’s David. One day is a success, and tomorrow it will change.


David leads by example, his focus has always been improving himself and touching as many lives as he can.


His mindset is powerful and he believes everyone has the ability to build a more fulfilling life,”  

replied CEO, Christopher Terry.

The great heights of his success were not always just David’s efforts, he cut his teeth in this industry the first five years making what was industry standard before breaking through in 2009 becoming a six figure earner.

David never stopped believing and working hard his day of harvest would come. Because of those strong beliefs, by 2011 he entered the 7 figure annual earning club with organizations spanning the globe. Today, David’s momentum continues allowing him to flow naturally into earning multiple 8 Figures.

Prior to joining the IM mastery academy™ in 2016, David was one of the biggest catalysts for growth in another billion dollar company.  Yet David see’s income as a small part of a much bigger equation to life that needs fulfillment. He chose to take his expertise and leadership skills to a smaller company with a purpose bigger than making money.

David quickly brought an environment of belief and achievement to a company of 1,500 active customers at that time to now over 100,000+ active IM academy™ customers worldwide generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

If you spoke with David, he’d tell you he’s not the reason for the success of his leaders or for any company – it’s clear he understands how to achieve real success. He has said,

“Teamwork and a tremendous belief is what creates success.  I learned a principle years ago, we BECOME what we THINK about.  This law has guided my success and continues to do so.


The difference between earning six figures and eight in this industry is not just a work ethic, it’s 1000% MINDSET.  If you can develop the Mindset of an 8-Figure earner then you will be just that.” 

David Imonitie continues to serve the IM mastery academy™ as they are preparing for the 2020 vision of becoming a 1 Billion dollar company helping over 1,000,000 active customers learn & earn a life of fulfillment.

“CEO, Christopher Terry of the IM mastery academy™ held a vision for the last 6 years and I am committed to seeing that vision come to fruition,

stated David Imonite.

About IM Mastery Academy

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