Poll: Moving Downlines Is Fraud

Poll: Moving Downlines Is Fraud

“Moving a group of distributors (Downline) to an other distributor in the corporate tree”

It happens too much with as reason – motivation” “The Downline Needs Support”……

For a new distributor above reason might look valid, for most Network Marketing professionals we speak:

  • It is fraud.
  • It is theft.
  • A rape of the compensation plan.
  • A short term win, a long term loss.
  • Corporate credibility down the drain. 
  • An unfair advantage for the receiving distributor and upline.
  • It create artificial rank advancements.

How to vote:

1. Download / Update our free direct selling app,

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2. Go to the MENU (upper right corner)

3. Select Poll

4. Log in to your Facebook account

5. Select your Answer

6. Push the vote button, that’s it ?

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The poll will end 31 December 2019
at 12.00 am (Amsterdam Time)

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The Top 3:

After 593 votes:

1. Yes
320 votes
Do Not Know
2. Do Not Know
193 votes
3. No
80 votes

Total voters: 593

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