QNET CEO Malou Caluza Take Environmental Responsibility In Kazakhstan

 QNET CEO Malou Caluza Take Environmental Responsibility In Kazakhstan

QNET is one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies.

On a recent visit to Kazakhstan, QNET CEO Malou Caluza drove home the message of environmental responsibility.

And what better way to deliver an important message, than lead it from the front? Malou led a team of QNET employees, Independent Representatives and ECO activists from Recycle.Birge on a waste collection and clean-up drive at the popular Parkhach lake in Almaty.

During the half-day event, the team collected garbage from the vicinity, sorted it and sent it out for recycling.

In addition to helping clean up the area, the event also aimed to send out a message on the importance of eco consciousness and the part everyone can play in it through simple acts of sorting and recycling.

“It is very sad to see how much garbage we have collected today,” says Ms. Caluza. “We hope that by our example we will inspire everyone to make their contribution and help protect the environment, treat this issue consciously: do not use plastic, do not litter near the lake.

Today, a responsible approach to nature and conservation is not just mere social responsibility, rather, a pressing need of the hour. Plastic waste tops the list in this global challenge and researchers estimate that More than 320 million metric tons of plastic are produced every year, with a disturbing amount of it ending up in the oceans.

Much of it accumulates in places like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is estimated to be more than 1.6 million square kilometres in size, or 600 times the size of Moscow!

Many governments around the world have recognized the intensity and scale of this problem by banning the sale of single-use plastic. Currently, 40 countries have joined the fight against plastic waste. This year, the European parliament has voted to ban single-use plastics by 2021, while India is on course to phase out single-use plastic by 2022 and the UK intends to completely get rid of plastic waste by 2042.

Not just government agencies, but eco-conscious businesses too are actively involved in the fight against environmental pollution.

As a green company, that is also a vegetarian company, QNET is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable practices in everything it does.

A string of initiatives has been launched by the company which includes banning single-use plastics in all its offices, events and conventions, switching to sustainable product packaging, and partnering in various eco-learning and promotion activities through its CSR arm, RYTHM Foundation.

About QNET:

QNET is one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies offering a wide range of health, wellness and lifestyle products that enable people to lead better lives. For 20 years, QNET’s grass-roots business model fuelled by the power of e-commerce has helped empower millions of entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries worldwide.

QNET is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a presence in more than 25 countries around the world through subsidiaries, branch offices, agency partnerships, and franchisees.

QNET is a member of the Direct Selling Associations of Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, and UAE, as well as the Hong Kong Health Food Association and the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore among others.

QNET is also active in sports sponsorships around the world. Some of the more prominent recent partnerships include being the Direct Selling Partner of Manchester City Football Club and the African Club League Championships of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).    For more information, please visit QNET’s website at www.qnet.net

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