Tommy And Lindsay Johnson Achieve Diamond Ambassador Rank At ibüümerang

Tommy And Lindsay Johnson Achieve Diamond Ambassador Rank At ibüümerang

Tommy Johnson proudly admits that he “sponsored up” by marrying Lindsay in 2000.

They have two children, an 18-year-old son named Jerry and a 14-year-old daughter named Sierra. Jerry signed to play basketball as a freshman at Ottawa University. Sierra is a freshman in High School who loves to sing, act, and dance.

Tommy stated,

“We love watching our children do whatever it is that they enjoy doing and have a passion for. That was our WHY when we first got into the network marketing industry 17 years ago.”

It took the power couple nearly a year to earn $1,000 per month in residual commissions. At that point, they decided to become coachable and earned their first million dollars within the next two years. The Johnson’s were with their first company for 14 years, and it was an amazing journey that dramatically changed their lives.

Towards the end of the 14 years, they saw things decline and they found that they were no longer enjoying the journey. They knew they couldn’t look people in the eye and honestly tell them that they were in the best place and resigned in good standing while keeping their relationships intact.

Tommy and Lindsay believed they were out of the network marketing industry and were moving in the direction of starting a traditional business. However, after only 20 minutes on a zoom teleconference call with  Holton Buggs, Tommy knew that Holton and ibüümerang were different.

“It’s the HB factor,” says Tommy.

“You can tell what someone is going to do based on what they have done. Holton Buggs is the biggest thinker and visionary that I have ever met.”

After seeing the system, tools, and plans that Holton put in place, all other opportunities suddenly seem archaic and outdated to Tommy and Lindsay.

Today they are having fun again and their passion is back. And more importantly, they love seeing people who never had success before having success with ibüümerang.

Achieving the rank of Diamond Ambassadors in ibüümerang came faster and more naturally than anything they have previously accomplished in network marketing. Tommy states,

“We have team members hitting the rank of Sapphire in their first couple of weeks. The same people who worked hard with other programs and very little growth.


They have the same amount of credibility and influence, the same work ethic, and the same goals, but had a dramatically different outcome. We found a culture like no other. We have found our family and our home at ibüümerang.”

About ibüümerang:

Officially launched on September 1, 2019, ibüümerang is taking an evolved approach to direct selling by leveraging a unique combination of technology and services to support Ambassadors to succeed.

Our vision is to be a consumer-centric company focused on the philosophy of giving back. Our mission is to create a worldwide movement to empower people via the PRIB™ (Perpetual Residual Income Builder), to leave a legacy to future generations, and to support The BüüM Foundation in providing an abundant life for every child on the planet.

For more information on ibüümerang, its top tier executive team, and its overarching philosophy, please visit the company website at


Get more information, facts and figures about iBuumerang, click here for the iBuumerang overview.

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