Top Leader & Hall of Fame Ambassador Izzy Matos Rejoins Stemtech

Top Leader & Hall of Fame Ambassador Izzy Matos Rejoins Stemtech

Izzy Matos stated:

 14 years ago, I was blessed with the unique good fortune to be involved with the launch of this market-defining company’

‘To be the person that was there from day one, to have literally slept on the warehouse floor, entered the first apps, answering the first Customer Service calls, was an incredible experience. Then traveling the globe, helping to open 50 markets, making thousands of friends around the world and impacting countless lives with our products and opportunity was a mind-blowing chapter of my life.

Being invited by the new owners to come back, pick up where I left off, and be a part of this next incredible chapter is certainly one of the happiest and most exciting moments of my career”.

“Izzy was an integral part of the Stemtech legacy and growth” says John W. Meyer, COO and 14-year veteran of the Company.

“He is highly regarded in the industry for his professionalism, honesty, integrity and the joy and humor he brings to the table. We are all thrilled about his return and helping to lead the way to this exciting new growth and renewed momentum we have planned for our future”.

Izzy states “To return to the NEW Stemtech, to lock arms with the new owner/investors, is exhilarating. Working with such icons as Darryl Green, who as president of GNC Nutrition led that company to over $3 billion dollars in sales, and Chuck Arnold, who was one of the original investors in Pre-Paid Legal (now LegalShield), and has been pivotal in significant mergers and acquisitions, is terrific.

Chuck has been responsible for placing more than $1 Billion into public corporations and $400 million in a single transaction.  I have much to learn from these gentlemen”.

Both Mr. Green and Mr. Arnold believe Stemtech is poised to make tremendous strides in nutraceutical and cosmeceutical product development which will shape the future of the cellular nutrition marketplace. Both are very excited about the amazing legacy, infrastructure and revolutionary stem cell technology at Stemtech which will drive the company to new record growth and become a major player in the nutritional and personal care industry in the coming years.

“The first 12 years with Stemtech was truly the adventure of a lifetime”,

says Izzy.

“I can barely imagine what the next decade and beyond will hold for all of us engaged in this opportunity. We have an amazing legacy to build on. We have the most unique market defining products anywhere. We created the Stem Cell Nutrition niche and have one of the best compensation programs to be found in the industry. I can barely wait to hit the ground running”.

About Stemtech

Originally founded in 2005, Stemtech has pioneered a new category of dietary supplement – stem cell nutrition, which has changed the landscape of health and wellness forever. Stemtech’s one-of-a-kind natural products are designed to support the body’s natural renewal system of adult stem cells.  For more information, please visit,


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