Top Leader Yusuf Aycil From Turkey Joins Jeunesse

Top Leader Yusuf Aycil from Turkey Joins Jeunesse

Yusuf Aycil has a downline of 300,000 customers and distributors, with a documented combined revenue of  $212 million in 9 years.

Last year his team generated $35 million in sales for Gano Excel. He was the nr. 2 top earner for Gano Excel worldwide with approx $100,000 in monthly earnings.

According to our information the reason he left the coffee business is the lack of possibility to build his team outside his country, somehow thats restricted by the company.

His enroller Enes Olgun stated:

When Yusuf Aycil shared his video why he left, over 29,000 people watched, thats the impact the announcement had.

Video: Meet Yusuf Aycil


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