Darin Kidd Starts As Network Marketing Trainer

Darin Kidd Starts As Network Marketing Trainer

For the first time in 28 years, Darin Kidd is no longer a distributor with a Network Marketing company.

Instead, he has decided to fulfill his dream and focus on being a full time Network Marketing trainer, coach and speaker.  This change will allow people from various fields to be able to take advantage of the vast knowledge he has gained in his many years in the industry.

Darin has spoken and trained on stages all over the world, from small groups to arenas of 25,000 people. While a distributor, he has earned numerous awards as a top recruiter, earner, top in sales, as well as awards for having top retention.

He has built domestic and international teams totaling hundreds of thousands of people that produced hundreds of millions in revenue, while personally recruiting well over 1,000 people.

However, it wasn’t like that in the beginning.  He actually failed for 7 years straight, ended up on government assistance and had his car repossessed. Coming from a small town and being a college dropout who couldn’t keep a job led to depression. He felt hopeless and frustrated but had a desire that wasn’t utilized until he had the right mentors and coaches in his life.

This is why he is so excited about this new venture that has been a decade in the making.  Nothing motivates him more than helping others shave years off of their learning curve and compressing time frames to help them achieve their goals faster than anticipated.

Darin commented on his career shift:

“For years, my passion has been to help inspire, motivate, teach, and train others to reach their full potential.  I have finally decided to focus on helping other Network Marketers build and expand their own business while avoiding the MANY mistakes I made over the years.”

Being in the industry so long has allowed him a unique perspective.  He has built teams when there was NO social media or internet and he has done it with technology.  He has now learned digital marketing, branding, and built a massive following on social media.

He also has one of the most popular YouTube channels in the Network Marketing Profession where he shares his years of experience.  Along with that, he has been featured in various magazines, books, publications, and was interviewed by Grant Cardone on Network Marketing Moguls.  He was also on an advisory panel with Best Selling Author John Maxwell.

He is offering online training, one-on-one coaching, VIP days, and mentorship programs to help other network marketers accomplish their goals.   On the corporate level, he is providing assistance through speaking engagements and consulting to help companies with their growth strategies.

Darin is looking forward to impacting others in this new chapter of his life.  If you are interested in more information on Darin, you can visit www.DarinKidd.com


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