Heather Tong Achieves Connector III Rank At Felice Café

Heather Tong Achieves Connector III Rank At Felice Café

Heather Tong is a leader in Network Marketing with a proven background of building large organizations.

Robert Blackman CEO commented upon her achievement:

Heather achieved this rank quickly by introducing new customers to a sample of our product for just $4.95.  She’s one of our top recruiters and is slowing building a solid team of both happy customers and a downline that is duplicating with her easy to use system.

Heather says:

I started In the network marketing arena 5 years ago. I had lost my job for the first time ever do to anxiousness. The doctor I was working for told me I was to sickly.

I had never been let go or fired in my life. I went with a friend to look at a rental house one day. She couldn’t afford any of the houses. The gentleman asked her if she’d like to know how she could afford these houses. I rolled my eyes and knew what was coming. He handed us both a card and off we went. When I returned home I looked at the information.

I had lost my job, my sense of self-worth and fell into a depression. We were raising 5 children at the time and I thought to myself what if this could work? What if I just tried it to see? That night I contacted some family and friends and had 5 people interested. I then thought wow this can work.

I continued on and before I knew it I had a team  in a couple of months. I was top recruiter in that company and I was doing it. Since then it’s been my full-time job.

I was able to retire my husband who worked for the railroad. As time went on we paid off debt and did some traveling we had never done. I had never seen a beach in my life and at 41 I was able to take 6 weeks and we traveled from north Carolina to California. And I saw every beach I wanted to.

We have recently marked moving to lake front property off the list as well. I found Felice Cafe and I had tried other coffees like it. But the taste was lacking and the compensation plans weren’t appealing at all. Everything aligned with Felice Cafe. They even have a bill of rights. They didn’t want to control who I worked with and I had freedom.

My first 2 weeks I hit the 4th rank in the company and the first full month shocked me.

I love ground floor and that we definitely are. I look forward to the future seeing how many lives we can change and how many can see success with this compensation plan that haven’t seen success before. I never want to punch a time clock again. I have tasted time freedom and that’s a priority in my life from here on out.

About Felice Café

Felice Café is a Network Marketing Company that launched in November of 2019.  It is owned and operated by Robert & Sheri Blackman who have a combined 62 years of Network Marketing experience both in the field and at corporate. We are the “Customer First Company”.

That simply means you cannot join to become a distributor just by buying a kit like in most companies.  You only become a Café Connector (distributor) when you refer your first customer. For more information please visit www.FeliceCafe.com

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