Madel Cinco Bongola From The Philippines Achieves Double Diamond Rank With Valentus

Madel Cinco Bongola From The Phlippines Achieves Double Diamond Rank With Valentus

Madel Cinco Bongola stated upon her achievement:

I used to be a Stay-at-home Mom with zero Income.  My partner invested in something but unfortunately it did not work out. Sadly, it all went to nothing and we never got our money back and all our savings were depleted. I felt like things started to fall apart. We became so frustrated and lost hope.

February 2019, I felt the need to fly abroad as soon as possible because things were becoming worse and more hopeless all the time. I cannot let my kids suffer in poverty. I really had to do something for our family to survive. I do not want them to experience the life I had before.

In its perfect timing, I was offered Valentus Coffee. I gave it a try and in 6 days I lost 2.4 kilos. I could not believe it! I used to be so skeptical, but it really worked! I fell in love with the coffee right away. I immediately signed up using my credit card because I had no cash available. I just felt that the product can do good to my health. I did not even notify my Sister- Bella Amor Bompat, who is my Enroller, that I was signing up.

I became too interested to become just a member. I took the coffee regularly and I sold the other remaining tubs and I earned around 175,000 pesos. I made money pretty quick with Valentus.

I was so happy that I have some amounts in my pocket. I could not believe that I was enjoying its health benefits plus what I earned! That was amazing. I told myself there is hope with this coffee. This could be the answer to my prayers. Things became better with Valentus. I kept on receiving good pays every Friday!

I live here in the Philippines. Imagine getting paid in dollars every single Friday. Only with Valentus I experienced getting paid huge amounts. I never experienced that with any other company before. I was then ready to fly abroad and I already have complete papers but I decided to cancel my application. That was the best part of it! I was saved by Valentus. I am earning more than someone working abroad could potentially earn without leaving my kids anymore. Valentus helped me and my family so much. Praise God, I did not have to leave my kids anymore. I will be with them and that is such a priceless gift given by Valentus to me. I will never forget this company who came into my life just in time.

I lost 10 kilos in 7 weeks of taking coffee and I was surprised that I got pregnant with my 3rd baby! I was told by the doctor I will have a hard time getting pregnant. Lord God has been so good. Blessings started to overflow! Valentus is truly amazing. I then named my baby Kassie Vale- Inspired by the word Valentus because I am very thankful to Valentus for coming to our lives just in time and for giving us hope. My baby will always remind me how Valentus brought hope and happiness to our lives. I can still recall – from earning zero to 7 digits in Philippine pesos.

I still can not believe it. From being hopeless to getting inspired. From being broke to being financially stable. Valentus gave me so much hope! Because of hard work, I became a Diamond then Double Diamond Executive. Who would have thought my enrolment using a Credit Card could lead me to a very beautiful and unbeatable earning opportunity. I feel God’s hands working through Valentus.

I was able to set aside some amount for Savings and Properties that used to be just a dream. Now I have them all! It was made real by Valentus. I am also enjoying the car bonus and I used part of my income to purchase other properties. I won’t waste the chance given by Valentus. I will make the best out of it.

Above all, I did not have to leave my family. I cannot even imagine leaving my kids. I do not know if I can handle the pain it would cause. Now I could say Thank You Valentus for giving us a happy home again. I do not need to go abroad. I will be with them every single day.

Valentus is indeed a blessing to many and I promise to continue sharing this opportunity to others to touch more and more lives and give hope to those who struggle.

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