Forensic Networker Ramin Mesgarlou: MLM And The Pandemic Opportunity

Forensic Networker Ramin Mesgarlou: MLM And The Pandemic Opportunity

From the desk of Ramin Mesgarlou aka Forensic Networker

Let’s start with a quote from Albert Einstein

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

This quote is exactly where MLM profession finds itself today and as MLMer’s, we are at a crossroads of two directions;

Direction 1: Discouragement – being glued to the TV and let the media take down our profession like it has with other methods of distributions.

Direction 2: Embrace the opportunity – we use this difficult time to explore the massive opportunity it exposes for the MLM industry.

With the global shut down and the media fear blitz, this tandem provides an unprecedented opportunity for MLM as the leading home/web based business platform.  The current crisis brings to all of us;

A: The adversity:

Government mandate to avoid crowds or worse stay home. 

B: The Opportunity:

MLM was never meant to be a crowd-based opportunity by nature. It was ONE ON ONE, BELLY TO BELLY opportunity when it was created. Crowd sessions were for training reasons only but as more and more people became interested in this wondrous opportunity to earn income, group sessions became a necessity to accommodate the demand. The group meetings today are not because of necessity, but by choice as group sessions can now be done on the web with many available technologies.

The current outbreak has now triggered a massive response by the local governments who are highly confused, and worried. The only reason they are forcing people to remain at home is because they realize that they simply do not have the capacity to handle the outbreak. As unpleasant as this is, it forces the networkers to GO BACK TO THE BASICS OF MLM, which is ONE ON ONE and GROUP sessions using web technologies. 

This urgent need to utilize the WEB as a key MLM tool is especially necessary for the countries that are not fully utilizing the Internet. MLM is a global business, and the web provides tools that are vital for mass and over the border marketing. The current global lock down helps to put the message of technology forward to MLMer’s globally and firmly. Simply put, understanding and utilizing web is no longer a choice for MLMer’s. It is the way of marketing today, and in the future.

During the current pandemic, the media and the government has been doing our job better than we could ever do in two capacities.

1: The importance of a strong immune system.

Everyone is now clear that medicine couldn’t provide all the answers to illnesses. All reports on the media and the government is about the problem without a solution other than to quarantine yourself and to hope your immune system can neutralize the virus. If your company offers wellness products, send a thank you card to the government and the media. (DO NOT MAKE ANY CLAIMS)

2: The importance of home & technology to do business.

MLM is the only industry that is not affected negatively by this outbreak. In fact, companies that offer health and wellness products & use technology to conduct business should be seeing a massive boost in sales due to the current demand. The web is our most important communication portal. The web enables us to reach our team in every country simultaneously using web tools like Zoom, Whatsapp, Facebook live, Instagram live, and Messenger.

Pandemics also create great opportunities to re-activate sleeping distributors as well as gain massive numbers of new customers who are now desperate for solutions, where they were not even open to look just a few months back.

These challenging times will not go away soon!

On January 30th, I did a video about this outbreak and made a point that the virus is here to stay. Last night, two months later, the US chief medical officer admitted publicly on CNN that this outbreak may become an annual event because as we slow down in the summer in the west, Africa and other countries enter winter season where the virus spreads and circle back to the west. As negative as that is for the world, it provides a MASSIVE & UNPRECEDENTED opportunity for MLMer’s globally. Here is why;

Until now, MLM’s method of promoting their products were two-fold:

1: HIGHLIGHT the existing health challenges

2: Offer your solution (without making any specific claims)

Today, part one of highlighting the current health crisis is being done by the media and the government better than MLMer’s could ever do. There is no one in the world that has not been affected by this outbreak. To double on that, there are no solutions being offered by the government or media.

There is also a second crisis that no one is talking about, and that is job and income losses caused by the global locked down. Even the most skeptics are now looking, or at least open to new ideas to both these pressing realities of protecting their heath and earning income from home and ONLY MLM can offer both.

To recap:

Crises 1: Pandemic

These are the real threat now and in the future. The only solution being offered by the regulators is to quarantine yourself, and hopefully your immune system is strong enough to neutralize it. Most MLM companies have great products to support and boost the immune system, which is now the only defense the world is relying on to fight viruses. Again it is imperative that we do NOT make any claimes or you will get yourself and you company in trouble and harm the industry as a whole.

Crises 2: Job and income loss due to lock down

By now, everyone is clear that the government assistant packages will not be enough to manage home expenses and all households are falling behind in their payments or falling in debt. Interestingly, jobs and traditional business work forces, who didn’t recognize home to be a viable and secure place to earn income are now locked at home with no solution. Today, even the most skeptics are open to that phone call from the neighbor to hear our solutions to BOTH current crises.

In these times of great confusion, networkers are now the clear headed, excited “GO TO” neighbors, family, friends with the solutions and the ideas. We can offer the world great products to support good health, and a proven method to turn their home in to an income generating business. A simple phone call of “how are you doing with the lock down, and how are you making money?” is all it takes to start the conversation, and to book an appointment for a quick zoom tour.


“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

MLM is the only platform that can offer great ideas & solutions to both current world crises.

To be continued …

About Ramin Mesgarlou

Ramin Mesgarlou has been featured and interviewed on scores of magazines, radio shows and TV shows including the Brian Tracy TV show.

He has been featured on FOX, MSNBC, Newsweek, ABC, CBS, Yahoo finance and others for his cutting edge expertise in the Direct selling and MLM industry.

Ramin Mesgarlou has spent more than half of his life as a high performing direct seller. Ramin started his Direct Sales profession in1990 at age 20 and spent the next 14 years building his home business empires. Ramin’s success came from the basic principle that direct sales is just like any other business requiring training, discipline and commitment.

Rated as one of the world’s top 3 master trainers and a mentor to thousands, he believes that “As trainers we should not focus on the potential millions that can be earned in direct sales, our focus should be to help as many people as possible to earn a full time living from home. For more information please visit

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