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Industry Veteran Tony Chaplin Joins Elepreneurs As Chief Operations Officer

Industry Veteran Tony Chaplin Joins Elepreneurs As Chief Operations Officer

Elepreneurs announces the newest addition to its corporate team, longtime network-marketing expert Tony Chaplin.

In his new role as chief operations officer, Chaplin will continue streamlining processes to help Elepreneurs further improve efficiencies and increase profitability.

Chaplin has served in the top tier of several prestigious network-marketing and party-planning companies throughout his career. With more than 25 years of experience, Chaplin has helped increase sales, growth and retention in more than 20 European and North American markets. His work with industry suppliers and manufacturing companies gives him a “behind the curtain” insight into direct-selling companies.

“Chaplin brings to Elepreneurs a vast experience in developing people, launching new products and managing expansion and growth,”

says Elepreneurs’ President Keith Halls.

“His longtime experience is what Elepreneurs needs to continue fulfilling its goal of spreading health, wealth and happiness.”

Prior to Elepreneurs, Chaplin served as the COO of Zurvita, working to develop several product lines and bring them to market while also improving in-house communication and teamwork among the corporate leaders. Chaplin also led teams across the globe at some of the leading-edge network-marketing businesses, including SUCCESS Partners, Scentsy Inc., and Nikken UK Ltd.

About Elepreneurs

Elepreneurs is on a mission to elevate your health, wealth, and happiness. We help you elevate your life through patented nutritional products, life-changing virtual success training, and a unique rewards program.

Elepreneurs actually builds happiness right into our powerful nutritional products. The superior, scientifically backed ingredients stimulate the happiness hormones — dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins — which we refer to as D.O.S.E. For more information, visit


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