QNET Dietician Çağatay Demir: Don’t Ignore The Effects Of Water On The Body

QNET Dietician Çağatay Demir: Don't Ignore The Effects Of Water On The Body

Water resources, which meet the basic needs of all living things, are in great danger today due to excessive consumption and environmental pollution. QNET dietician Çağatay Demir said on March 22, World Water Day:

“We consume the quality of the water we drink while consuming plenty of water in our daily life , drawing attention to the importance of clean water, which has an important role in protecting us from diseases.

Environmental pollution and unconscious consumption, which have become the problem of the whole world, make access to clean water more and more difficult. Çağatay Demir stated that although more than 70% of the world is covered with water, the fresh water rate is only  2%; “The water resources that meet our basic needs are gradually decreasing due to unconscious consumption, global warming and environmental pollution.

The World Health Organization states that about 25 liters of water a day can meet the basic use and cleaning needs of people. In our country, the average daily amount of water per person is 217 liters.

“We are consuming more water than we need, putting future generations at risk, and we have plenty of water, but we consume it  unconsciously.” “The water we drink determines our quality of life”

Demir, who made a statement due to the “World Water Day” celebrated on March 22 every year since the World Summit held in Rio in 1992 by the United Nations, said that the water treatment devices to be used in homes are one of the most effective methods to obtain healthy drinking water. Underlining that the water we drink determines our quality of life, Çağatay Demir said,

“The water we drink plays a critical role in the continuity of our body functions. It carries essential nutrients to the cells, helps remove waste and helps keep the body in balance. Improves skin health and supports collagen production. Adequate water consumption is effective in energy level and brain functions. Proper water consumption can also help with weight loss. In a study, it was observed that total energy consumption increased up to 96 calories per day in individuals consuming 2 liters of water per day. At the same time, water plays an important role in the formation of saliva, it is the main component of saliva. ”

Underlining the environmental value of using purified water, Çağatay Demir said, “It is vital today to purify water in order to save water and meet the needs of our body from the available resources in the most efficient way.

Our water purifier HomePure Nova enables us to have both an environmentally friendly and a healthy water consumption with its system that does not need electricity. HomePure Nova, which provides Pi water thanks to its 9-stage filtering system and provides the support our body needs especially in city life.

Having almost the same composition as the water in the living cell, Pi water can be used more effectively by the cell. ”

About QNET:

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