Top Trainer Ray Higdon: How To Build An Online Business With An Offline Team

Top Trainer Ray Higdon: How To Build An Online Business With An Offline Team

Ray Higdon explains:

Before jumping into my tips, I want to talk about the difference in technique and concept – both of which we teach in Rank Makers.

Concept is universal, and the concept of, “I’m going to see if someone’s open and if they’re open, I’ll offer them the opportunity to watch a video,” works whether you meet someone in the grocery store or online.

It’s a concept. The concept of asking a human being if they’re open to taking a look at what you have. That’s a concept that works anywhere. If I meet someone at the bar, could I do that? Yes, and I have. Now when it comes to technique, I’m going to use an example.

When our friend Janna joined our mastermind, her company was 100% offline home parties. And so we started teaching her that’s it’s much more duplicatable online than offline, and we worked with her on the technique.

And then she started picking up on how to do this whole social media thing, but nobody on her team was and she sort of got ostracized a little bit about it.

They would say, “Oh, you’re the devils.” and get on her about it because nobody else in the company was using social media…until she started producing. One night she brought in over 100 customers. Now, not personally, but she ran an online event and we walked her through how to do it. She did an online event and her team promoted it. She promoted it, 100 new customers, one night. So now they want to know how she did it. They want to get into the online space. So the question is, how do you do online if your entire team and company is offline?

You be so good they can’t ignore you.

Don’t try to convince them, don’t go to him and say, “Hey man, I really think we should be doing online.” No, go get results. And if you need help with that and you’re not in rank makers, then it’s going to be tougher for you because we teach a lot on marketing online & and how to scale.

About the Higdon Group

The Higdon Group is passionate about helping network marketers not only reach their highest potential but equipping them at every level with the knowledge needed to succeed.  Headed by Ray and Jessica Higdon, the company lives and operates by their credo:

“Help people find freedom and fulfilment while always doing the right thing and striving for “awesomesauce.”

It’s this passion adopted by every team member working to support this vision that makes an impact both internally and externally.

From various content crafted and shared with global audiences daily to the appreciation and recognition of those striving for and achieving results, the Higdon Group is truly a unique company set apart in the world of Network Marketing.

The Higdon Group stands apart from other companies given their continued dedication to the network marketing industry delivering daily live content in a private membership based community called Rank Makers. Rank Makers gives network marketing  professionals a place for community and support and they are guided daily with live training by Ray Higdon and the help of his team members.

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