Top Trainer Tim Sales: How I Made It To The “Top” In Network Marketing

Top Trainer Tim Sales: How I Made It To The "Top" In Network Marketing

Tim Sales explains:

How do you respond when someone says, “Only the people at the top make money in MLM?”

Last week, a YouTube commentor told me, “Tim Sales, You’re at the top of the pyramid scheme. Of course it works for you” …

But where was this person when I was the ONLY rep in my company?  I started from the bottom — just like anybody who starts any business. Today, I’m going to dispel one of the biggest network marketing objections and give you a new perspective on WHY I believe this is the best industry in the world.

Think about these three questions while you watch the video:

  1. Do the people at the top really make all the money?
  2. Was my position/rank gifted to me?  Or did I have to earn it?
  3. Is there anything more fair than being paid on your “production” (how much you produce)?

About Tim Sales

Tim Sales is a 30-year veteran in Network Marketing. He’s a million-dollar earner in multiple companies, he’s been interviewed by Larry King and Grant Cardone, and now he’s sharing his knowledge on how to build a successful network marketing business of your own, with real-world examples from his 30-year experience in the industry.

He’s breaking down the industry into little bite-sized pieces, so you have exactly what it takes to really have success in network marketing. For more information please visit


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