Univia Announces Free Enrollments For Affiliates

Univia Announces Free Enrollments For Affiliates

According to an Univia press release:

The COVID 19 virus has quickly taken the world by storm in the most devastating ways. In what seems to be a matter of days, it has contaminated several countries, killed thousands, and shattered our economy. With states starting to take lockdown measures, there are many people now facing unemployment. With the unknown ahead, the toll of financial, physical, and mental stress on the thousands of people affected is unfathomable.

 Our team at Univia stands with those affected and has taken several steps to do our part.

“We want those who are sick, stressed, and anxious to know that we are with you. You are not alone. We will get through this together. Also, I am incredibly proud of my team for being inline with the vision and pulling off these tasks in such a timely fashion.”

says Kevin Hafen, Univia CEO. 

We at Univia have waved the $49 sign up fee to become a distributor; or what we call Influencer. This gives those with financial uncertainty the opportunity to work from their device or smartphone for no cost to them.


We felt by having the ability to join a tribe of Influencers online, have full access to training and tools, and be a part of a virtual community for free could also help address some of the mental stress some experience during social isolation

Also, during these hard times, we wanted to give some immUnity away for free. (Our immune booster) So until further notice, everyone who joins Univia is receiving a complimentary bottle of ImmUnity. (just pay shipping). This includes new sign-ups that join with our waived sign up fee. For current Influencers and customers, Univia also committed to match every order, bottle-to-bottle.

“If we can provide opportunity and hope in such unfamiliar and scary times then our efforts are worth it.”

says Hafen.  

About Univia

Univia is a leading social selling company distributing cutting edge wellness and personal care products. The company is headquartered in St. George, UT. For more information about Univia’s products or opportunity visit Univia.com or contact [email protected]


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