What Matters By Peter Hirsch, Attorney, Social Entrepreneur And Top Trainer

What Matters By Peter Hirsch, Attorney, Social Entrepreneur And Top Trainer

Peter Hirsch explains:

Many people, rather than work together, attack each other.

Even if it’s in subtle ways. “Well, that company has a decent product for sure, but I don’t know about that management team . .  Make sure you do your own due diligence.” And the like.  Even between company Executives, since the primary organizational body of the network marketing industry has become inept.


The bottom line is this: nothing gets done. Nothing advances. But now, only for a minute, imagine if there was unity among us. And by us I don’t mean company CEO’s; I mean US. Ordinary, hard-working, distributors.

Maybe the Coronavirus is what some call a blessing in disguise. I hesitate to use that word — blessing — because of the suffering the virus is causing globally. Of course, physically, although there’s only a remote possibility of anyone who is reading this article actually catching the virus.

The ancillary effects, however, will be lived by all of us. The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc from Wall St to Main St. Economies across the globe are teetering on recession, if not actual depression. While most us won’t get sick or most probably won’t even know anyone who has the virus, virtually every one of us knows someone who has already been impacted the “CoronEconomy.”

Blessing is definitely not the right word. It’s too serious a situation to throw clichés around like let’s make lemonade out of lemons. What word would you use describe what’s happening? Social distancing. is forcing families — husbands and wives, parents and children — to actually spend time with each other, to get to know each other’s goals and dreams, their hurts and fears. Maybe during this time, we can designate an hour — just one hour — as a phone free hour.

I’m not mandating it, just try it on for size and see how it fits.  Could it possibly lead to… (gasp)…actual and eventually meaningful conversation? Who knows? But why not hope for the best and even more, work for the best possible outcome?  Maybe the word I’m looking for is miracle. That’s it — I’m sure. I’m looking for a miracle. The type of communications outline above with all members of my family would surely take a miracle.

But here’s something very beautiful. The Hebrew word for test, Nissah, has within it the Hebrew word for miracle, Nes. Meaning quite literally that within every test there’s the potential for a miracle.

And here’s a way we can coax the hidden miracle out of the test and bring it to being. Are you ready? It’s a pretty radical idea. Just two words: 1. Compassion; 2. Kindness. Let’s do our best to live these two values at home, and let them follow us from home to the marketplace. Let’s support one another. If I need something that can be purchased through a network marketing company, especially if I know someone in that company, I am committing to purchase from that company.

I am committing to purchase as much as I can these days through network marketing Distributors. I do this with love and I do this unconditionally. My friends who sell products I need are getting calls this from me this week – no quid pro quo required.

Last, this truly is a time with a unique opportunity for us. It’s a time for us to show extraordinary compassion and above all, to support each other, walk in peace and love, be the light; be the example.

Peter Hirsch


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