Industry Veteran Kumar Komarabathina From India Joins QuiAri

Industry Veteran Kumar Komarabathina From India Joins QuiAri

After 15 years promoting multi-billion dollar health and wellness MLM brands, QuiAri Promoter, Ratna Kumar Komarbathina has seen many products claiming to be the “next big thing” come and go.

He has been a leader and wellness coach in the Indian market nearly his entire career and is disappointed every time a new company enters the market without delivering. But all of that changed when he discovered QuiAri and the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge.

“India is facing 3 major problems: Overpopulation, unemployment, and poor nutrition. After learning about QuiAri’s Kickstart Challenge and sampling the products, I finally feel like somebody got it right.


QuiAri Shake and Energy help fuel your body and it’s an uncomplicated 2-step process to follow. The simplicity is why I believe this could change everything for the people of India,”

stated Ratna Komarbathina.

Health is very important to Ratna. He had plans to study engineering in college, but his father unexpectedly passed away and he had to put his dreams on hold. Instead of giving up, he dug his heels in and worked even harder, getting a job to provide for his family while also pursuing his degree and MBA.

When Ratna had a week off from work and school, he could have used the time to relax. Instead, he decided to join an MLM business and, because of his hard work, success came quickly. He completed school, but quit his job and decided to pursue a network marketing career. Today as a QuiAri Promoter, Ratna has never been more excited. He feels like this could be his best year ever.

“I’ve personally lost 9 pounds after taking the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge. I don’t feel tired and hungry all of the time. The weight loss has encouraged me to be more active and get my blood flowing at least once a day. I’ve been a wellness coach for 11 years and no product has ever made me feel this good before,

said Ratna Komarbathina

 The QuiAri opportunity is helping Ratna improve his personal life. Same Day Pay, an industry-first benefit that pays Promoters their commissions within 5 minutes after each sale, is helping him get closer to living his dream lifestyle.

“Same Day Pay means everything to me. I hear that “cha-ching” sound, get a message on my phone and then the money goes right into my wallet. It’s kind of addicting, actually.


Every time I hear my phone buzz I’m helping someone out there improve their health. Whether I make the sale myself or it’s residual income, I can sleep well knowing I made a difference today,” said Ratna Komarbathina.

“Family first” has always been a personal mantra of Ratna. All of his Same Day Pay earnings are going to help put his child through college. Anything leftover is going towards a new car. QuiAri CEO and Founder, Bob Reina, is aware of all of the incredible success Ratna is having in India and predicts more growth for his QuiAri business as the company expands further into the Indian market.

“We are very fortunate to have Ratna with us in India. It is a big market for us with lots of growth potential. As QuiAri continues to grow globally, Ratna and the other Promoters in India will have even more resources available to help them promote the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge.


There is so much opportunity for everybody right now. It’s an exciting time to be part of QuiAri,”

said CEO and Founder of QuiAri, Bob Reina.

The benefits of promoting QuiAri’s 90-Day Kickstart Challenge were impossible for Ratna to ignore. In addition to Same Day Pay, QuiAri Promoters receive state-of-the-art technology, a generous compensation plan, and exclusive products featuring a proprietary organic extract called MaquiX® that boosts the power of maqui (the world’s new #1 superfruit) up to 10 times.

“Bob Reina has over 25 years of experience in this industry and has built successful MLM businesses in the past. I have a lot to learn from him, and a lot to offer to the team.  Anyone that is consistent, dependable, and is motivated to be successful can follow QuiAri’s trusted  system. That’s exactly what I have done, so I know it works,” said Ratna Komarabathina.

Ratna’s strategy for promoting his QuiAri business in India is to lead by example. He’s using all of the resources given to him to help share the Kickstart Challenge products with others and teaching them that it is possible to achieve your dreams.

I’ve been in the MLM industry a long time. There are a lot of companies out there make empty promises, have poor-quality products, and hold on to your commissions. When you find a good, honest company like QuiAri, it’s a gift. QuiAri is my new home and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join this revolutionary company,” said Ratna Komarbathina.

About QuiAri

QuiAri provides life-changing opportunities that empower people to feel their best so they can live their best. Their breakthrough health and wellness products are made from an exclusive extract of the maqui berry, the world’s new number 1 superfruit. Plus, QuiAri offers opportunities to receive Same Day Pay just by sharing their products with others. Try. Love. Share!

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