Robert And Teri Hollis Achieve Super Affiliate Rank In MyDailyChoice

Robert And Teri Hollis Achieve Super Affiliate Rank In MyDailyChoice

Robert & Teri Hollis have been in the Network Marketing industry for 30 years and have built teams of hundreds of thousands of Affiliates globally.

Robert & Teri have achieved the rank of Super Affiliate in MyDailyChoice and they are the 5th in the world to ever hit the Super Affiliate rank.

This marks the first time that Robert & Teri have crossed over 1,000,000 in Business Volume.

Robert stated upon their achievement:

“We have been with 19 different Network Marketing companies and we are so excited to finally plant our flag with MDC. After 33 years in the industry and taking a break from Network Marketing in 2015, I committed to only coming back if there was a company that delivered on their promises. After meeting Josh & Jenna, I knew this was the right place to be.”

Robert & Teri receiving an award at the MDC 3rd Annual Convention

Teri signed up in MDC for the HempWorx products. As Teri was waiting for the products to arrive, she began receiving emails from the MDC Marketing system. After realizing the power of the marketing system and falling in love with the products, Teri asked Robert to build the business with her.

“I have been around Network Marketing for a long time because of Robert. At first, I was excited to just try the MDC products. After seeing the marketing system, tools, and support that MDC provides to Affiliates, I knew there was nothing else like this in the industry. I also appreciated how genuine the owners were which was very important to me,”

says Teri.

Robert & Teri contribute their success to picking the right coaches, company, products, and marketing system. In MDC, they already have teams growing throughout United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

“We are so grateful for this journey and excited for what the future brings. We would like to give special recognition to some of our incredible leaders:

  • Matthew & Hannah Hollis
  • Robert Jr. & Amy Hollis
  • Meladee Ryba
  • Candace & Javon Davis
  • Antonina Griffin
  • Latasha Williams
  • Kristen & Gabe Woodman
  • Deanna & Phil Stevenson
  • Emily & Kurt Barfield
  • Jamie Richards
  • Aron & Cathy Parker
  • Andre & Tami Popa
  • Chris Record
  • Ron Deering
  • Alison Beiler
  • Christopher Livingston
  • Jana Fogleman
  • Ted Sims
  • Jason Cardamone
  • Mike Klingler
  • Carlos Martínez
  • Jeffrey & Judy Judge
  • Brett & Amy Kingstree
  • Shauna McCoy
  • Tara Skerry
  • Brance Kane
  • Joseph & Michele Puco
  • Jimmie Schwinn
  • Rob Fore
  • Mike Hobbs
  • Joy Schonholz
  • Bobby Moore
  • Tamás & István Ádám
  • László Kun
  • Sándor Dob and so many other leaders.

This achievement wouldn’t be possible without such an incredible team!”

CEO & Founder Josh Zwagil says,

“Jenna and I are so proud of Robert & Teri. This dynamic couple has been with us for 2 years now and are so deserving of this achievement. It’s been incredible to watch them rise through the ranks and impact so many people in their team.”

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