Bulavita Announces The Release Of M20 Boost And Makes A Cancer Health Claim

Bulavita Announces The Release Of M20 Boost And Makes A Cancer Health Claim

Bulavita, LLC, direct marketer of core health and weight loss products, announces the release of a new keystone product, M20 BOOST.

The company might have made a health claim, triggering the FTC to send a warning letter, by stating on their website:

Other in-vitro laboratory studies show that M20 BOOST may inhibit the growth of human cancer cells from 60% to over 92% (depending upon the specific type of cancer) – suggesting that Muscadine extracts may be a new treatment for human cancers.

According to the company press release:

Containing a proprietary mixture of pure Vitis Rotundifolia skins and seeds, it is among the most powerful antioxidant supplements available, with an ORAC score of 89,500 (per 100g).  This super food, more commonly referred to as the Muscadine, is indigenous to the Southeastern United States, surviving and thriving in one of the most biologically harsh environments in the world.

With 20 chromosome pairs, compared to 19 in grapes, the Muscadine exhibits many beneficial characteristics of both grapes and berries by producing an expansive complement of phytonutrients and phenolic compounds.  Research and human clinical trials are ongoing, with an unprecedented $20Million anonymous donation dedicated to Muscadine research at Wake Forest University.  Clemson and Johns Hopkins Universities are also pursuing beneficial Muscadine research.

The Company is not waiting for their official launch in the 3rd quarter of 2020 to roll-out this amazing product, as it not only dovetails with the company’s CORE health values, it boosts the effectiveness of every other supplement the company offers.  In fact, when combined with the Company’s existing Fijian Ginger and Turmeric, it creates what they call “the Trifecta” of super foods.

“We simply could not be more delighted”

exclaimed Company President, William Andreoli.

“Following recent global events, people are looking for more self-reliance by sourcing important products nearer to home.  The fact that Muscadine is cultivated and bottled right here in the USA is a really big deal to our customers.”  He later added “…And I have to admit that I have a certain amount of pride knowing that one of the world’s most powerful natural antioxidants is right here in our own back yard.”

When speaking of Bulavita’s increasingly powerful and yet simple product offerings, Company Co-Founder Todd Smith asserted

“Product efficacy and value means absolutely everything to me.  In my 20+ years in the industry, I have witnessed amazing results from a variety of natural products, but none compare to what we’re seeing with our super foods. The addition of M20 BOOST to our other industry leading products truly separates us from all others”

“The current health and economic concerns of our nation will be devastating if allowed to run unchecked”

commented honorary Bulavita Founder and Black Diamond Ambassador, Andre Vaughn.

“Our customers are looking for natural solutions to modern problems.  The addition of such a powerful product, especially one that doesn’t have to cross an ocean or clear customs to get to our customers is amazing.  Add to that the ongoing clinical studies and research, we arguably have the greatest business opportunity for the average person at a time when they are looking for a better way – a better way to protect their family’s health, wealth, and time freedom”

About Bulavita, LLC.

Simply put, Bulavita means “owning your life”, which includes opportunities in improved health, greater wealth, and the time-freedom to enjoy both.  It is the culmination of decades of experience in the supplement and network marketing industries, showcasing a comprehensive product philosophy revolving around four core areas of wellbeing: whole body detox, minimizing inflammation, improving digestion, and providing essential nutrients.

This product mix, along with dietary and exercise guidance, forms a lifestyle upon which weight loss, longevity, and a higher quality of life can be built. Bulavita’s products are distributed exclusively by a network of Independent distributors in the USA.  For more information please visit www.m20boost.com

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