Diamond Ambassador Nassim Maouche Celebrates 2 Years Of Consistent Growth With Kuvera France

Diamond Ambassador Nassim Maouche Celebrates 2 Years Of Consistent Growth With Kuvera France

Nassim Maouche, a 33 year old from Paris, France, celebrates two years with Kuvera France.

Nassim is a former member of the French Navy. He joined the Network Marketing industry four years ago. Like most, he experienced a lot of emotional downfalls early on in his new career, and nearly quit the business several times. As he persevered through the rough times, he learned that giving up was just not an option. He said, “As Nelson Mendela put it so well, ‘I never lose…I either win or I learn.’”

Luckily for Nassim, he stuck through the early growing pains,

“The decision to join Network Marketing has been one of the best career decisions I’ve made. When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. I have found a way to make a living by simply helping as many people as possible become a better version of themselves.”

said Nassim Maouche.

Nassim joined Kuvera France in June of 2018. He chose Kuvera because he understood that financial education is an important pillar and he liked that his clients could earn money solely through the services provided, without building a business. He said the following about Kuvera,

“I needed a solid company that shared my vision to help others. I worked with the company and my leaders to act on my vision to create the habits that would propel my career forward.”

And propel his career forward he did. Nassim is currently a Diamond Ambassador and is a top field leader for Kuvera. His strengths of perseverance and altruism, always putting others before himself, has really helped him build a successful business with Kuvera.

Nassim Maouche on stage

When asked what advice he would give to new members, Nassim said “Have a long term vision and never give up.” When Nassim helps new members build their business, he teaches them how to be coachable and attentive to people who have gotten and achieved the results they want.

Nassim is an exceptional leader for Kuvera. He lives by the motto, “Be in a hurry to learn, before you are in a hurry to win.” He uses and engages with the products, his personal favorite being CRYPTOelite, and he puts in the work to see the results. He believes the services Kuvera provides, and making sure his teams remain happy, are the keys to success in his business.

Nassim’s dedication and perseverance are an inspiration to us all. He proves this point by saying,

“I was never interested in building big and fast for a short lived income. I chose the path of consistency and residual earnings. Today with Kuvera, we have the services, Bonus Plan, and proper building blocks that can help anyone build their team and grow their business as I have done in  the last 2 years.


My goals are unlimited. I want to impact as many lives as possible with this fabulous company and I will. This is only the beginning and I am ready and excited to see what the future holds”

What Nassim has done with his business in the last two years is phenomenal. We’re excited to see his growth continue with Kuvera France.

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