Gabriele Sampò From Italy Achieves Diamond Ambassador Rank At Kuvera

Gabriele Sampò From Italy Achieves Diamond Ambassador Rank At Kuvera

Gabriele Sampò has one of the fastest growing teams in Kuvera. With his great strength in building team camaraderie and his tireless ambition, in just one short month, Gabriele joined the company and surpassed 6 different ranks. He’s currently ranked as a Diamond Ambassador and holds one of the highest ranks in Italy. His determination and hard work are definitely paying off.

Gabriele is a focused 27 year old from Piedmont, Italy. He comes from a very respected athletic background, having played professional soccer in Turin, Italy. Playing soccer had always been his dream, but when he was 24 years old, he realized he needed to change careers in order to build a stable future. That’s when Gabriele decided to join Network Marketing. He entered the industry full of enthusiasm and optimism, and quickly realized there was a big opportunity for him.

Three years into his new career, in April 2020, Sampò decided to join Kuvera. He chose to join Kuvera because he was passionate about helping people improve their economic situations with financial education. He said,

“I wanted to make a difference with my team. We had to find an environment where we were going to be able to achieve our potential. Kuvera was the perfect fit. A young, dynamic network with financial education made Kuvera an easy choice too.


The services Kuvera  provides have the ability to excel even when the financial markets are down.  As an example, during the COVID-19, Kuvera grew new enrollments by 220% compared to last year. In all my years in the field of Network Marketing, I have never seen a Compensation Plan like the one Kuvera offers, it’s one of the highest payouts in the industry” 

Gabriele’s favorite Kuvera product is CRYPTOelite. He loves the ability to diversify his cash inflows with CRYPTOelite, and highly values the unique opportunity Kuvera provides.

Sampò believes his success stems from his competitiveness and willingness to always be the best. He lives by the motto, “Vivi una vita che valga la pena essere vissuta” which can be translated to “live a life that is worth being lived”. His advice to the field is to work on yourself first. “If you work on yourself, the person you are today won’t be the same as the one you will be after you have succeeded in Network Marketing.”

His advice to new member is,

“Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t get stuck because you are afraid to lose. Instead, let hope and the belief of success lead you. Real happiness has to be found outside of a person’s comfort zone, so you must work every day to make yourself better. Extraordinary things are nothing but the ordinary things you work on every day.” 

Gabriele’s next goal with Kuvera is to make sure his colleagues reach the rank of Diamond Ambassador and to help Kuvera gain more popularity throughout Italy. He would like to thank his team: GofurterTeam, Kuvera Italy, and Kuvera France for helping him succeed in the business. He is very appreciative of how welcomed he was in this “extraordinary company!”

Gabriele Sampò has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. His drive, dedication, determination, and competitiveness will continue to lead him to great success in anything he does.

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In addition to trading tools and research, Kuvera also offers full education and software applications to assist the individual in debt reduction, increased savings and budgeting.

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