B.A.N.K. Uses New Technology To Classify Prospects

B.A.N.K. Uses New Technology To Classify Prospects

Codebreaker Technologies, a global technology and training company, known for its innovative approach to personality science, announces a new Chrome extension for its groundbreaking AI personality coding technology. With this Chrome extension, subscribers will be able to use Codebreaker AI to identify the B.A.N.K. personality type of anyone on LinkedIn with one click.

B.A.N.K. personality types categorize people by the characteristics that make up that person’s “buying personality,” in other words, the motivations, expectations, and preferences that will make an offer appeal to them.

“When you’re approaching a prospect, it doesn’t matter whether someone is an introvert or an extrovert, calm or excited, or have a million other personality characteristics.


All that matters is what will make them say yes to your offer. B.A.N.K. distills personality science down to these elements, so you can get right to what matters and close more sales faster,”

says Cheri Tree, Founder and Chairman of Codebreaker Technologies.

Codebreaker Technologies has trained people to use B.A.N.K. to communicate better and increase sales by up to 300% for 20 years.

In 2019, the team released a groundbreaking technology that uses artificial intelligence to analyze any text, such as an email, website, text message, or post on social media, and pinpoint the buying personality of the person who wrote it in seconds. The AI can then read a proposed response to assess whether it will be persuasive to that personality type. The simple technology makes communicating effectively to any buying personality fast and easy.

As Michael Ashley, AI expert and professor at Chapman University, wrote in Forbes, Codebreaker AI is

“the future of sales.” The new Chrome extension makes Codebreaker’s revolutionary AI even more powerful. When active, the extension will add a button on the side of every LinkedIn profile that reads, “Click to decode personality.”


With the press of a button, Codebreaker AI will assess the person’s public profile and writings on LinkedIn to pinpoint their B.A.N.K. personality type accurately.

Within the window integrated into the LinkedIn page, users will be able to download full personality and sales reports on the prospect, as well as import all available contact information into the B.A.N.K. CRM.

Subscribers can even draft a message, invitation to connect, or post to that person within the extension window and immediately assess whether the message will appeal to that person. The extension advances the already innovative Codebreaker AI, making it a vital tool for communication, network-building, and sales.

“We are so excited to release this new AI tool because we know how important it is to communicate effectively from the very first interaction to get them to say yes to your offer. Our Codebreaker AI Chrome extension makes it easy to get it right every time,”

says Tree.

Codebreaker AI and the new AI Chrome extension are available as part of two monthly subscription packages available at codebreakertech.com

About Codebreaker Technologies

Codebreaker Technologies is the world leader in Personality Coding Technology with clients in more than 180 countries. Codebreaker Tech’s mission is to connect and empower humanity with revolutionary, personality-based tools, training, and technology. Codebreaker Technologies is powered by B.A.N.K., a scientifically validated methodology designed to predict buying behavior accurately in nanoseconds.

B.A.N.K. was originally created in the early 2000s by Codebreaker Technologies’ Founder and Chairman, Cheri Tree. Her goal was to find a solution to beat the proverbial numbers game in sales and close more sales in less time. The resulting B.A.N.K. system not only revolutionized her own income and sales success but also rapidly expanded its impact and helped top professionals, companies, and industries worldwide. For more information please visit codebreakertech.com


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