Geraldine Ivany Achieves 4 Star Rank At Cloud 9 Life

Geraldine Ivany Achieves 4 Star Rank At Cloud 9 Life

Geraldine Ivy is a planner at heart, and her plan right out of the gate was to go to work by working with the team she created. Working with other team members to help them reach their goals of becoming 1 Star & 2 Star automatically moved her up, achieving 4 Star at a quick pace.

Cloud 9 Life was an opportunity that just seemed like the right thing for her to do.  The Network Marketing Industry for Geraldine gives her the opportunity to meet so many great, like-minded people that enjoy working together and achieving success, both for herself and others.

 “Cloud 9 Life is not a meal replacement program.  It works along with what we already do or want to do every day.  Be more active, have more energy, more focus, enjoy our everyday moments more.


It’s easy to add into our current lifestyle because we are not asking for big changes like fasting, special diets etc. It works without having to totally rearrange your lifestyle, and that’s a simple program to sell.”

When asked what she enjoys most about being a Cloud 9 Life Executive, she quips the camaraderie and enthusiasm that Executives have for each other and the product discount for sure – who doesn’t want to save money.

Business wise, her team is growing fast, and that is the challenge, to keep up and make sure she looks after everyone in the way that they require.

“I am wanting to take the time to enjoy my days more instead of just having my days filled with to do items. The fact that Cloud 9 Life is offering all that I need to have more of a healthier life, along with the potential of working on my terms and timeline, makes it all the more appealing.”

About Cloud 9 Life

Established in January 2020, Cloud 9 Life is a vehicle to help people take control of their health and their finances. Committed to providing truly exceptional products, customer service, and tools to support customer success Cloud 9 Life has made being a business owner more accessible, more attainable, and more fun than ever before.

Cloud 9 Life is a privately owned company with headquarters in Naples, FL. For more information, visit


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