Krystal and David Helgeson Achieve International Marketing Director Rank At WorldVentures

Krystal and David Helgeson Achieve International Marketing Director Rank At WorldVentures

David Pietsch their sponsor stated upon their achievement:

“Please give it up for your newest Internbnational Marketing Directors out of the great state of Minnesota Krystal and David Helgeson.

David and Krystal are the fastest growing Reps in Worldventures right now. It has truly been a pleasure having a front row seat watching them elevate their game this year during a Global Pandemic. No one has started more teams across the Country and has more people ranking up than you two do right now. It is fun to watch.

Right from the start when I met you both you were Coachable, Teachable and a Pleasure to work with. I could trust you. I could take it to the bank you would be on time for every Live Presentation, Call, or Zoom. First to show up and last to leave. You did whatever it took.

You are at every Training Event with more team members than you had at the last event.

I have never had more dependable people on my team. You have shown extreme mental toughness throughout the years. If you got knocked down you got right back up. You have constantly been FORWARD thinking. You have applied your training. You both have inspired me.

I remember in your first year of the business you drove 25 minutes to my house EVERY DAY for about a year! Look how far you have come now! You are not in North Dakota anymore.

As we look to the future you have developed YOURSELVES and your SKILLS so now you have the option to live anywhere in the World you want to live and your business won’t skip a beat.

You both got good at something worth getting good at. Nothing beats residual income. Krystal no more Applebee’s for you. David you will never practice Chiropractic a day in your life even though you graduated from Chiropratic School.

The Sky is the limit for you both. It is fun to see your monthly residual checks growing month after month after month.”

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