Samuel N’Dour From Italy Achieves Diamond Ambassador Rank At Kuvera

Samuel N'Dour From Italy Achieves Diamond Ambassador Rank At Kuvera

From Cashier to Entrepreneur, Samuel N’Dour Hits Diamond Ambassador at Kuvera

Samuel N’Dour, a 27 year old from Legnano, Italy, comes from a humble background. His family is full of ex-entrepreneurs who went bankrupt due to an economic crisis. That’s why reaching the rank of Diamond Ambassador is so remarkable for Samuel and his entire family.

Success was not handed to N’Dour. After Samuel finished school, he began working humble, minimum wage paying jobs. He was a cashier, warehouse worker, and shop assistant. Though his family faced difficult times being entrepreneurs, he didn’t let that scare him away. His dream was to become an entrepreneur and impact as many lives as he possibly could.

After many grueling jobs, Samuel found Network Marketing and decided to run with it. He wanted to take advantage of the new economy and create a business from scratch, so he decided to join Kuvera one year ago. He said,

“Network Marketing and Kuvera gave me the opportunity to take advantage of the new economy and create a business from scratch that has made me financially free and helped me change the life of my family.


I chose Kuvera because it is a new age Network Marketing company that offers people the opportunity to combine multiple business models into a single business. It also offers people the opportunity to create an extra income by using intelligent information.”

Samuel’s favorite thing about Kuvera is the financial education. Kuvera’s products and platforms provide access to technology and financial education that help members improve their financial habits and achieve financial freedom and stability.

Samuel N’Dour’s is currently a Diamond Ambassador with Kuvera. His ambition and perseverance help him succeed in this business. The loyalty he has for every member of his team helps promote a special bond and helps him gain respect from many people in the Network Marketing industry.

Samuel’s advice in life is to,

“Take every failure as a chance to learn and grow as a person. To new members, I advise you to give yourself time to make mistakes then learn from those mistakes.”

His next goal is to promote and build the business throughout Italy and Europe. With his life motto, “let’s win”, Samuel will continue to create financial freedom for himself and his family.

About Kuvera

Kuvera, a subsidiary of Investview, delivers financial education, technology and research to individuals through a subscription-based model. Kuvera provides research, education, and investment tools designed to assist the self-directed investor in successfully navigating the financial markets.

These services include research, trade alerts, and live trading rooms that include instruction in equities, options, FOREX, ETFs, binary options, crowdfunding and cryptocurrency sector education.

In addition to trading tools and research, Kuvera also offers full education and software applications to assist the individual in debt reduction, increased savings and budgeting.

Each product subscription includes a core set of trading tools/research along with the personal finance management suite to provide an individual with complete access to the information necessary to cultivate and manage his or her financial situation. For more information, please visit

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