Beyond Announces Protect With BioBDMC Patented Curcuminoid Technology

Beyond Announces Protect With BioBDMC Patented Curcuminoid Technology

Beyond is proud to announce the release Protect, which protects the body with BioBDMC patented curcumin.

Beyond’s Protect features breakthrough curcuminoid technology that protects the body with BioBDMCTM patented curcumin. It helps the body recover from day-to-day activities that cause soreness in joints and muscles. It also supplies antioxidants to support proper immune function along with brain, cardiovascular, and digestive health.

The creation of Protect begins with curcumin. Curcumin is a yellow pigment found primarily in turmeric. It’s a polyphenol with anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to increase the amount of antioxidants that the body produces.

But not all curcumin is created equal. See, turmeric is a spice. And most companies simply sell turmeric as curcumin. But turmeric only contains 3-6% curcumin in it and cannot deliver an anti-inflammatory effect on its own.

What others in the industry do is take the curcumin that is present in those low levels and concentrate it to provide 95% curcumin which provides reasonable anti-inflammatory activity, but not for conditions that are significant. Most of these curcumin products contain less than 1% of BDMC (bisdemethoxycurcumin) curcumin – a particular curcuminoid with extreme anti-inflammatory properties.

Co-Founder Jeff Graham explains:

“Protect and it’s patented curcumin formula is one of the most exciting products that could be launched. A health immune system is vitally important now more than ever, considering the health pandemic affecting the world.”

Beyond’s formulator has spent years researching curcumin and its expansive polypharmacology. He has actually gone into curcumin, found that it consists of 3 curcuminoids, mapped the pharmacology of each, discovered the amazing properties of BDMC-curcumin, and then patented the outcome. The elevation of BDMC-curcumin levels is now a patented process held by the formulator, Franco Cavaleri BSc PhDc; Biologic Pharmamedical Research.

Bumping the BDMC-curcumin levels from its regular 1% to 5% has noticeable effects. Now, over the last 10 years of optimizing the extraction process, it has been elevated all the way to 30%. That’s the BioBDMCTM patented curcumin available in Beyond’s Protect.

BioBDMCTM neutralizes two proteins (as opposed to the singular protein that regular curcumin neutralizes), which helps deliver anti-inflammatory benefits in hours instead of days by preventing the inflammatory response from even being triggered in the first place. It also works for more difficult cases beyond regular inflammation such as systemic auto-immune disorders.

Beyond’s Protect is the product of 18 years of research in a pharmaceutical laboratory and published, peer-reviewed research. Beyond is proud to present this truly validated work.

Learn more about Protect and try it for yourself here:

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