iGalen Announces Re-Launch

iGalen Announces Re-Launch

With much anticipation, iGalen is pleased to announce the re-launch of its business in August of 2020.

To provide additional support to our iGalen Distributors, iGalen has now secured the services of Morell Maison as The Global Master Ambassador (who had achieved Crown status just before the company was shutdown in September 2019).

Morell brings many years of experience in Direct Sales and other business ventures in 18 different countries. As a million-dollar producer in businesses like Kingston Financial Services, he now wants to make iGalen his final home and a place for many new millionaires. He chose iGalen over others due to the tremendous opportunities offered by iGalen’s exclusive and innovative products.

He realized that iGalen products are advanced and technology rich—not the normal “me too” products available in most of the MLM industry. He recently said,

“I am glad to represent a company that does not offer lotions, potions and beverages like most MLM companies today. Products that are scientifically proven to be helpful to everyone is what iGalen offers.”

Terry Dorman has joined Mr. Maison in re-launching iGalen.  Terry has 35 years of experience in Direct Sales starting with Amway as a motivational speaker, trainer and successful distributor.  He helped companies such as Xango expand in various countries. He built thriving direct marketing businesses in North and Central America. Opening new countries has been his passion in previous endeavors in direct marketing. Also, years of corporate management has enhanced his abilities.

As a team, Maison and Dorman have devoted months in the restructuring of the iGalen plan, making it more friendly and profitable for associates.

Re-Launch Enhancements

Previously designated as iGalen Distributors, members will now be addressed as iGalen Associates – an indication of the new “partnership” between the field and the company to help achieve iGalen’s success.

The iGalen relaunch will also feature a new website and back office which will be easier and faster to navigate. It will be available in different languages – Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Hindi.  New countries are currently being developed for access within months after the re-launch.  Additional enhancements will be announced at a later date.

The team, realizing the importance of today’s popularity of social media, will provide access to media materials as part of the iGalen advertising and marketing program to be published and posted via online platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

iGalen will offer a new commission payment portal supported by established banking partners.  These partners have designed software to meet secure banking requirements for North American and International markets. Major currencies and popular debit and credit cards will be accepted.

About iGalen

iGalen is proud to be the global leader in carbohydrate optimization and stem cell boosting technologies.

Built on a solid foundation of proven business principles and practices, and backed by two publicly traded companies, iGalen is staged for rapid growth and momentum. iGalen leads the charge for healthy living with its flagship formulas, and the company continues to innovate and unveil new products on an annual basis that are engineered by nature. For more information please visit www.iGalen.net


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