Miguel Vees Raposo Achieves Diamond Ambassador Rank At Kuvera

Miguel Vees Raposo Achieves Diamond Ambassador Rank At Kuvera

After enduring the Angolan Civil War as a child, that resulted in the destruction of his family’s business and the separation of his parents, Miguel Vees Raposo moved to Germany with his mother and younger sister.

Even though he struggled with the dramatic cultural shock of moving to an entirely new continent, the move to Germany ended up being a major blessing for Miguel and a catalyst for his Network Marketing career.

Miguel Vees Raposo was born in Windhoek, Namibia. Ever since he was a little boy he always looked for an opportunity to start his own business. When he graduated high school, Miguel decided he wanted to study law, knowing that it was an expensive career to chase. At age 18, Miguel was introduced to Network Marketing.

After a few months of hard work, he was able to earn a comfortable monthly income. This sparked a lot of interest for Miguel, and he wondered how much he could earn if he kept working hard. So Miguel decided to go all in. He ended up quitting his law education to become a full time entrepreneur / networker. He said,

“I have always been interested in personal growth, I loved books and the secrets of living a wealthy life; which made me want to live my life freely and with purpose. Network Marketing enabled me exactly that: educating and inspiring people to change their lives.”

Miguel started searching for a professional Network Marketing company that had good corporate leadership. That’s when he came across Kuvera and ended up joining the company on January 1st, 2020.

“What I love most about Kuvera is the amazing support from corporate, as well as the moral and ethical code they act upon. Our goal is to build the biggest organization in the history of Network Marketing.”  -Miguel stated.

After joining Network Marketing, Miguel and his friend and mentor, Martin Laurent, founded their successful movement, “Trading People Revolution”. Miguel is resilient. He credits this strength to his mother,

“My mum taught me the most important lesson: to never give up – ever! My mother was the one who taught me respect, love and values, which eventually turned me into the man I am today.”

Through Miguel’s resilience, he quickly engaged with Kuvera’s education and products. His favorite product is the Stefan Kassing system. He has seen great results and believes that anyone can adapt to this system and learn to become a professional trader.

With Miguel’s dedication he quickly reached the rank of Diamond Ambassador. He explained this accomplishment is a result from his amazing team. His team embraces teamwork, loyalty, transparency and culture. He also appreciates all the support and help he has received from his mentor, Martin Laurent, who has shown him how fulfilling and amazing Network Marketing can be.

Miguel’s advice to his peers is to:

“Be careful who you listen to and follow, and always build a foundation of respect, morals and ethics because Karma will only be as good as you are.

His next goal, that has been his goal from the start, is to build a record-breaking Network Marketing organization in order to impact millions of lives around the world under the name of Trading People Revolution – a true financial revolution that educates and empowers.

Miguel will continue to achieve great success as his lives by his philosophy, “I can achieve whatever I want. It is just a matter of time, and time as we know it, is relative.”

About Kuvera

Kuvera, a subsidiary of Investview, delivers financial education, technology and research to individuals through a subscription-based model. Kuvera provides research, education, and investment tools designed to assist the self-directed investor in successfully navigating the financial markets.

These services include research, trade alerts, and live trading rooms that include instruction in equities, options, FOREX, ETFs, binary options, crowdfunding and cryptocurrency sector education.

In addition to trading tools and research, Kuvera also offers full education and software applications to assist the individual in debt reduction, increased savings and budgeting.

Each product subscription includes a core set of trading tools/research along with the personal finance management suite to provide an individual with complete access to the information necessary to cultivate and manage his or her financial situation. For more information, please visit kuveraglobal.com

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