Life Of A Networker Movie Announced

Life Of A Networker Movie Announced

Lights, Camera, Action…

We are very close to the expected premiere of the first Cinema movie whose central theme is the life of a Networker so that the world finally understands our beautiful job.

The film tells a story based on real events about the life of Pedro Alberto Flores, better known as Pit, a young man with few resources who takes care of his father, who has serious health problems.

Worried because he has not been able to meet financial commitments, including the mortgage on his house which they end up seizing, leaving them on the street.

The film is structured by several difficult situations that the protagonist has to overcome to find an opportunity that allows him to solve all his financial problems, with which he seeks not only to inspire the common viewer but also to inspire the Networkers themselves who face every day to live’s challenges while building your own network marketing business.

A plot that also encourages reading since the protagonist of the story is passionate about self-improvement and leadership books, and counting only on reading as the main source of strength, that is enough for our film networker to never give up.

Like most Networkers, the protagonist fortuitously comes into his life the MLM industry, the same one that after hard work, ups and downs, enduring ridicule and discrimination, manages to make an out of the ordinary result, personal fulfillment, and an immense fortune.

The film is a work that was produced by Pedro Flores, who, having the vision of inspiring many people to achieve their dreams, decided to invest all his profits and assets in creating this great film.


The cast and production are authentic cinema, for space-saving issues you can find the complete technical sheet of the film by filling in the link HERE.

This audiovisual work portrays the daily life of a Networker from when he is invited for the first time until he has a high impact, it does not focus on any type of product, compensation plan, scheme, etc.; Rather, it describes the industry as such, without companies or the like involved so that all Networkers can feel identified with it and can even share it with their teams.

Do not lose sight of the premiere of the film or FREQUENCY, a person like Pedro Flores willing to stand up for our industry on the big screen only answers for serious companies where it helps people to elevate their lifestyle solidly. Pedro Flores is an Engineer by profession, he comes from an average family and found in the marketing networks a way to achieve his dreams.

Thanks to the fact that since childhood he took the habit of reading it was immediately when MLM was presented in his life, then he knew how to detect it was a great opportunity and that is how he was able to obtain great results in the traditional workplace that otherwise, he could never have achieved.

This movie is tangible proof that our beautiful MLM industry fulfils dreams. Pit, the protagonist of the film, Pedro Alberto Flores, is the networker in real life and responsible for making this film in real life.

Pedro Flores always dreamed of being the star of a movie, however, he had no connections and probably not the talent to do so. However, through MLM he has managed to fulfil his dream by paying himself.

We all have a dream that we want to achieve through the marketing network, it is most likely not to be on the big screen, however like Pedro, we can also fulfil them using MLM as a vehicle, we take this inspiration from both the plot of the movie as well as the real-life story behind it

With this film you will be able to relive your process in networks from the beginning to the result, you can even show it to your partners and those who are not so that the world knows what life is really like for those of us who dedicate ourselves to the most misunderstood trade in the world, the MLM.

To stay up to date on the official premiere of this feature film for which there are only a few days left, Stay tuned to the YouTube channel of its creator, which you can subscribe to at the link HERE.

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