Angie Van Eyck First Female In Belgium To Reach The Platinum Ambassador Rank At Kuvera

With Angie Van Eyck‘s strength in consistency, her determination, and goal driven mindset, she quickly found success growing her Kuvera business. Angie was the first female in Belgium to hit the rank of Platinum Ambassador.

Angie Van Eyck, is thirty years old and is from Liège, Belgium. She has a very diverse background. She is Belgian-Indonesian and trilingual thanks to her parents and her education. Angie did most of her studies in the Belgium language. She decided to pursue plastic art school. During this schooling Angie realized she is, and always would be, different from everyone else. It was during her studies that she quickly developed a taste of independence.

Angie’s independence led her into the fashion world. She decided to put her talents aside, something that her parents strongly disagreed with, and began working in a fashion store. Then, she realized she could do so much more. When Angie was twenty-one she became a stylist. She started her own clothing brand and pursued that for three years. During this time Angie grew a lot as an individual and had had her first experience as an entrepreneur.

Because Angie was alone in her journey without much experience, she decided to give up her styling career. She returned to a typical nine to five salary job, something she wasn’t thrilled about.

A year later, Angie met Vincent Noschese who invited her to attend the Kuvera France convention in January, 2019. Angie attended the convention in Paris and three months later decided to join Vincent and this new adventure with Kuvera.

Angie said,

“I realized the real opportunity with Kuvera. Kuvera gave me an opportunity to change my daily life and it offered me the opportunity to help those in need around me.”

Angie dedicated herself to Kuvera’s products. Her favorite product is FOREXthrive because she loves the Forex alerts. Kuvera’s forex alerts and education are what helped Angie understand the power of investments. Angie also loves CRYPTOelite because she loves the results and that it requires very little time and it goes to work for you both day and night.

Angie’s has some great advice for all those who are new to Kuvera. She said,

“My advice for a new member, or any person in this business, is to never listen to the opinion of someone else. You are the only one who really knows what you want, and nobody else will want the exact same thing as you, so don’t listen to their opinion. Also, you will never know what will and won’t work for yourself unless you try, so don’t be afraid to try new things.”

Angie truly believes there is an incredible future with Kuvera. She lives by the saying “make your life a masterpiece.” Angie’s goal is to impact and change as many lives as possible through her Kuvera business and to help make the Kuvera opportunity known in all corners of the world.

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