Charles Tambou Top Speaker At The Business For Home Virtual Conference

Charles Tambou Top Speaker At The Business For Home Virtual Conference

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Charles Tambou is born, raised and resides in Nigeria, Africa. He is husband to Omo Tams and the father of three lovely daughters.

Network marketing is a business model that depends on building a network of business partners and has the potential to elevate your financial status.

With this in mind, Charles Tambou started his journey as a networker over 10 years ago and has become a network marketing professional with a large team from across the globe of over 50,000+ members.

Network Marketing Professionals from around the world will come together in an immersive generic training experience.

Using the latest and most advanced technology and audio/video equipment available, we will bring you 3 days of the best of the best training anywhere available for an unparalleled price, broadcasted from an impressive TV studio in the Netherlands.

A ticket is just $35 for all 3 days!

Order your “special early bird priced” ticket here

Young network marketing leaders, fast rising stars, as their mentors will share their methods and “secrets” to recruit, team up and build a large organisation.

30+ Top speakers from Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and the USA!

April 2 – 4, 2021

In 2018, Charles Tambou experienced a setback, financial struggles even health wise. Then he was introduced to a network marketing company, though he had come across the same company years back but only joined in Sept 2018. He carried out a research on the company and was amazed at its profile, products and generous compensation plan.

The products aided his speedy recovery and gave birth to his team “The Global Bosses Network“.

Remarkably, within 15 months a large team was built with presence across the globe.

He believes on the mantra:

“What’s possible for one is possible for all, Network Marketing makes ordinary people to be extraordinary”.

A ticket is just $35 for all 3 days!

Order your “special early bird priced” ticket here

About Business For Home Virtual Conference

The virtual conference is delivered to you in a completely generic format. No companies or products are ever mentioned, so you will feel safe to share this ultimate training event with your Team. Emerge from this new era as a true leader. Unveil the secrets of influential network marketeers from all over the work at our event.

And there is no better place to invest in yourself than the upcoming Business for Home Virtual Growth Conference, a three-day life changing experience that features renowned legends and rising stars.

Learn how to excel in your business and be empowered by successful leaders that will provide you with the necessary tools to become a better version of yourself. For tickets please click here, for the conference overview with 30+ speakers please click here.

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