MLM Legend Larry Thompson Publishes His New Book – The Millionaire Training

Grow Your Business to the Next Level with the Fundamentals Taught in The Millionaire TrainingTM now available in English and Spanish.

Taylor Thompson stated:

Larry Thompson, my Mentor as well as my husband and the mastermind marketing strategist behind the Herbalife success story, presented what is known by many to be the greatest business seminar of all time, The Millionaire Training.

It was February 21, 1981, a sunny morning in Los Angeles California where the top distributors of the newly founded Herbalife International gathered at the Bonaventure Hotel for the one and only event of its kind.  Larry took the stage that day as the newly appointed 35-year old Vice President of Sales.  Thankfully, just before that, Herbalife Founder, Mark Hughes, decided to tape the training.

The audio cassette of The Millionaire Training was immediately included in every Herbalife distributor pack.  Those who metabolized The Millionaire Training became some of the top network marketing leaders of today, and Herbalife is now the #2 direct sales company in the world with over $5 Billion in sales. 

What did the secrets of The Millionaire Training hold that taught the lady truck driver, the waiter, the long-haired hippie construction worker and the stay-at-home mom how to make an above average income without so much as a college education or working endlessly into the night?  The secrets were the basic fundamentals to network marketing taught in such a way that anyone could understand them and implement them.

There is a distinct difference between marketing and network marketingMany leaders today are teaching marketing and expecting the everyday, average person to learn it and then implement it.  It’s not that easy.  Network marketing is simple.  The fundamentals of network marketing never change.  When you fully understand these foundational principles, you can easily bridge the gap and apply them to the ever-changing world of social media marketing techniques.

Larry and I believe, now more than ever, it is time to bring network marketing distributors back the basics. That is exactly why we published The Millionaire Training and launched The Millionaire Training Book Club.

Network marketing training is timeless. It is about people and how people relate to each other through sharing stories and wanting to help each other.  That never changes.

You’ll learn things like How to Employ Yourself, Get a Goldmine Attitude and Problem Solving.  You’ll also read the success stories of Jeff Roberti #1 Distributor with Juice Plus+, Dan Stammen Co-owner of WorldVenture Holdings, and Rolf Sorg, Founder of PM International.

Other contributors include Ron Henley, John Fleming, Tish Rochin, Dan Waldron, Dan McCormick, John Solleder, Jay Bennet, Ray Higdon, Karla Ingolio, Rick and Michelle Teague, Jack and Julie Silva, Trey Herron, Jeff Weisberg, Frank Mulcahy, and Lisa Grossmann.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to metabolize the fundamental concepts of network marketing.  Network marketing is the average person’s best chance.  It is fun, simple and magical.

 About Larry and Taylor Thompson

Larry and Taylor Thompson are trailblazers and dynamic leaders in the network marketing industry training distributors worldwide.  Known by many as the “Mentor to the Millionaires,” Larry has taught the basic business fundamentals that have inspired hundreds of thousands to earn above average incomes and improve their life, whether they were a schoolteacher, a plumber, a rocket scientist, a salesperson or a stay-at-home mom.

Taylor Thompson is the founder of The SheNetwork®. Today, 70% of people in networking marketing are women, and Taylor is one of the top leaders. She has been living and delivering the principles of The Millionaire Training as both a trainer and partner in the LT WealthBuilding Academy across Europe and North America for over 15 years.

The Millionaire Training is available on Amazon.  Find us on Facebook.  To download the original audio or to join The Millionaire Training Book Club go to  You may also purchase in Spanish on Amazon.

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