Melissa Grant-Johnson Achieves Diamond Rank At AmpLIFEi

When people ask Melissa Johnson the simple question “Why AmpLIFEi™?”, the answer was simple, “The Products, the Mission, the Vision and our amazing CommUnity of leaders and it feels like I am HOME!”

For Johnson, that answer makes perfect sense.

Melissa’s journey began 6 years ago in network marketing, where she found herself in a search for products to not only improve her own health and well-being but also the health of the ones closest to her.

“I have witnessed what bad health and medications can do to a person’s body. If only everyone knew the importance of gut health. We’ve consumed a lot of wellness products in the past. None have been like this!”,

shares Melissa.

“I’ve always been one to listen to my gut. Now I focus on it!  After switching products to focus on our gut -brain health, our family has seen unbelievable improvements. We are all so grateful to AmpLIFEi™ and all of it’s amazing corporate team, especially our CEO, Robert Oblon.


We are especially thankful beyond words to our phenomenal team of champions working alongside us everyday in the AmpLIFEi™ CommUnity. It’s an incredible experience seeing everyone grow.”

Melissa recently joined AmpLIFEi and has already hit Diamond, one of the prestigious top ranks in the compensation plan.

“I’ve known Melissa for a few years now and it’s exciting to see her have greater success here. Our line of gut-health products are difference makers”,

adds Oblon.

“Everyone is having a unique experience here at AmpLIFEi™ with our products and it’s creating undeniable health benefits in all the lives they touch.”

About AmpLIFEi

AmpLIFEi International™ is a health and wellness lifestyle company with exclusive marketing rights for HAPInss Brand’s products serving freelance entrepreneurs. These two Companies combined give customers and its freelance entrepreneurs more options to improve their lives in a more complete way.

HAPInss Brands™ is a Nutritional Science company providing people with the latest technological advances specific to amplifying the state of wellbeing, also known as happiness. For more information about AmpLIFEi™ please visit


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