Network Marketing Veteran Jeff Rogers Teams Up With Hülsa Wellness

Hülsa®, a premium Critical Cannabinoid™ wellness and beauty company featuring BiBong® formulations, announced that Network Marketing leader Jeff Rogers has joined their team. Rogers has previously owned or been on the executive team of five different network marketing companies.

Rogers was first introduced to network marketing 32 years ago and in 1995 he co-founded his first Network Marketing company launching him into a career of helping people reach their financial goals and live their dreams. His experience includes every facet of the industry, from company owner to field leader to expert consultant.

Rogers said:

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Hülsa family, to join its incredible leadership team, and to help the company reach its full potential! I love how network marketing can truly transform people’s lives for the better. I look forward to seeing the positive impact Hülsa will have on our Brand Partners as they share our ultra-premium CBD-rich Critical Cannabinoid™ and BiBong® formulated products.”

As a result of Rogers leadership, over 700,000 promoters have joined the companies he represented, resulting in phenomenal revenue and success. But when asked about his most important accomplishment, Rogers replied:

“Helping people change their lives for the better. It is such a blessing to know that you played a part in helping someone change their circumstances.”

Included in Rogers’ history is his role as CEO of the first direct sales company in the CBD space, which was named 2014 Start Up Company of The Year by TAMM (The Academy of MultiLevel Marketing). Since then, Rogers has served as a highly sought after consultant for his deep understanding of direct sales and sound counsel for companies looking for growth.

Rogers added:

“At Hülsa we talk about our ‘5 Keys for Success’ – the right timing, the right products, the right management, the right compensation, and the right cause. From my experience, I know Hülsa has all 5! CBD is just the beginning of the conversation. There are hundreds of cannabinoids and adaptogenic herbs yet to be highlighted in a meaningful way. The best is yet to come!”

David Berck, formerly a top 500 ranked distributor who serves as Hülsa’s President, shared:

“Jeff has played an important role in the creation of Hülsa and who we are as a company. Our remarkable team is composed of experts in both direct sales and the cannabis industry, and Jeff is a jewel in our leadership crown. His incredible knowledge base and understanding of the industry will help us to continue on our path of rapid growth and success. Beyond his experience, his integrity and passion for helping others succeed aligns perfectly with our values as a company.”

This major news comes just after Hülsa announced last week that JBK Wellness Labs Founder Dr. Jenelle Kim had joined the team as its Chief Formulator and Educator.

About Hülsa Wellness

Colorado-based Hülsa Wellness Critical Cannabinoid™ wellness and beauty products are distributed through a direct sales model. Each Hülsa product is meticulously crafted using the highest-quality botanical ingredients infused with CBD-rich Critical Cannabinoids™ to deliver a truly clean wellness experience.

Driven by a deep-seated passion for sharing the benefits of not just CBD, but other essential cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, Hülsa ushers in a new era of self-care with rigorously tested, obsessively transparent, and flawlessly elegant cannabinoid offerings. Hülsa empowers its Brand Partners (direct-sales representatives) with a generous compensation plan, technology-driven tools, and an abundance of resources for their success.

Hülsa products range from daily wellness endocannabinoid support to topical skincare products, sleep aids and more with expanded offerings coming soon.  For more information please visit


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