QNET Partners With Certified Members Of The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)

 Taking a step forward towards a fully sustainable product portfolio, rising e-commerce Direct Selling company QNET is working in partnership with suppliers who are certified members of The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) to reduce instances of unlawful mining practices and improve supply chain traceability.

The fashion industry has been an ethically challenged landmine with a host of problems that have surfaced onto mainstream media over the past decade. Issues such as unsafe working conditions, use of child labour, and sustainability concerns are frequently cited, resulting in businesses shifting towards more sustainable, ethical practices within the industry due to mounting public concerns. An important subset of the fashion scene is the US$32.8 billion jewelry industry, which has also faced similar criticism due to the dangerous nature of mining precious gemstones: the consumers of today are demanding for more transparent supply chains and ethical sourcing of raw materials.

Founded in 2005, RJC is a not-for-profit, global leader in standard setting and ethical sustainability in the jewelry and luxury watch industries. RJC ensures that members are compliant with ethical standards through periodic third-party auditing along the entire supply chain. QNET is working closely with suppliers that uphold the RJC Code of Practices, an independently audited and ISEAL accredited standard of operational integrity and responsible supply chain management to ensure collections are produced in an equitable and ethical manner.

For instance, QNET’s luxury brand Bernhard H. Mayer’s latest release, The Timeless Tanzanite Collection, features exceptionally rare Tanzanite gems that are unique to Northern Tanzania. The meticulously crafted pieces incorporate gemstones that are ethically and sustainably mined in compliance with RJC standards, in addition to supporting employees’ livelihood and the local Tanzanian mining industry.

Besides, QNET’s gold jewelry collections (such as the Theia Set) are made with recycled gold, referring to gold that is repurposed and formed into new pieces of jewelry, thus reducing the need to mine the earth for new gold. QNET only uses recycled gold sourced from suppliers who adhere to The London Bullion Market Association’s Responsible Gold Guidance, which requires refineries to adhere to human rights’ laws and comply with high standards of anti-money laundering practices.

Chief Executive Officer of QNET, Ms Malou Caluza, explains that sustainability has always been at the heart of QNET.

“Working with suppliers who are responsible, fair, and ethical is important to QNET as it is an integral part of our business core values. We strive to deliver more than high quality products – we want our customers to be able to buy with confidence knowing that each piece is produced in fair working conditions using sustainable materials.”


“Our sustainability mission does not stop at our products, either.” Caluza adds. “QNET is dedicated towards this cause as we want to make a positive impact in the lives of our people, the communities in which we operate, and the environment. Our goal is to ensure that all our brand merchandise is sourced ethically and packaged in sustainable materials by 2025.


Most recently we launched the CIMIER QNETCity Collection of watches, produced in collaboration with Manchester City Football Club that comes in an environmentally friendly packaging made from recycled paper. The package also makes use of a scannable QR Code to access the electronic user manual in lieu of a traditional printed booklet.”

QNET is working towards incorporating sustainability in all aspects of its business. As of 2020, single-use plastic has been banned in all QNET offices and events worldwide.  QNET is also an advocate of meat-free diet and lifestyle and promotes awareness of the harmful impact of animal agriculture to the environment.

About QNET

QNET is one of Asia’s leading e-commerce based direct selling companies offering a wide range of health, wellness and lifestyle products that enable people to lead better lives. QNET’s business model pivoted upon technology and e-commerce has helped empower millions of entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries worldwide.

QNET is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a presence in more than 25 countries around the world through subsidiaries, branch offices, agency partnerships, and franchisees.

QNET is a member of the Direct Selling Association in several countries, as well as the Hong Kong Health Food Association and the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore, among others.

QNET is also active in sports sponsorships around the world. Some of the more prominent partnerships include being the Direct Selling Partner of Manchester City Football Club and the African Club League Championships of CAF.

For more information, please visit QNET’s website at www.qnet.net.

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