Top Leader Mauro Cederle From Italy Partners up With Stefania Lo Gatto & Danien Feier

Mauro Cederle was born in a small town in northern Italy, his mother was a teacher (now retired), while his father was a popular singer in the 60’s who had an important career.

After graduating, he starts his career as a financial broker, and in 2014 he discovers Network Marketing. Enchanted by this industry, in just three years he hit the top of compensation plan of his company.

He dedicated years to his personal growth, attending several training courses around the world, with some of the most important international trainers such as Tony Robbins and Eric Worre. He also attended a six-months university training based on network marketing, acquiring even more awareness about the business.

In 2018 he published his first book “Tu vali di più” (You’re better than that!), a summary of emotions and skills acquired during his professional career, with the purpose to help the thousands of networkers who take inspiration from him. After 5 years as “full-time networker”, he takes a break to study the evolution of the business.

He studied with the best professionals in the business to create a strategy for this new way of “doing business from home”, focusing on offline/online transition.

In January 2021 he decides to restart the business with a new company and in the first month he reaches “Ruby Director” rank, adding many customers and distributors to his team in his first 30 days.

The decision to join the team of Stefania and Danien, says Mauro, comes from the appreciation of the company mission: to improve people’s lifestyle through high quality products. Wellness and aesthetic improvement of the people are both rapid and rising trend with unlimited potential.

He fell in love with the vision of Stefania Lo Gatto and Danien Feier, both top earners in this industry, leaders who support their network of distributors, with great professionalism and dedication.

Their help and support gave Mauro a bigger vision, focusing on building a global network. Ruby director rank, achieved in the first month, is an important first step to make his mark again in this amazing industry, a new beginning, with the addition of 7 years of experience in a business that, in the meantime, is being developed almost completely online.

As Mauro says during his meetings,

“Success is a consequence of his own mindset, if you think big you can live big.”

His mission is to make people realize that everything comes from the inside and, as a result, the outside is just a reflection of thoughts and actions. If you communicate and share abundance and enthusiasm you will attract successful people. The only way to grow in this industry, not only economically but also professionally, is to let go all conventional ideas that limit you every day.

And as Mauro says, always remember: “You are much better than what people wants you to believe!”


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