Business For Home Uses WordProof Blockchain Technology To Protect Our Content

As the worldwide leader in Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Selling news our content is often copied by several copycat websites.

Business For Home has implemented WordProof Blockchain technology to protect our content from Copycats, Fake news and automatically track Copyright Infringements.

Automatic protection of content

WordProof automatically adds the unique fingerprint of content to the blockchain. Publishers receive documents that allow them to take actions against copycats. In addition, uploaded media files are tracked; publishers receive a notification when the files show up elsewhere on the internet.

Fight fake news with transparent journalism

Connect an identity to online content to set the standard in the fight against fake news. ​All timestamped content is enhanced with the Blockchain Certificate pop-up. Readers can verify when it was published, what edits were made at which points in time, and who published the article. The Time Machine shows how the content developed over time, increasing transparency in journalism.

Automatically track copyright infringements

WordProof searches the web for our timestamped images. As soon as we find our images we take action.​

About WordProof

The internet has deep-rooted problems that grow daily: distrust, plagiarism, and fake news. WordProof wants to create a new standard for a more reliable and trustworthy internet, with the help of blockchain technology.

The WordProof Timestamp Ecosystem empowers internet users and content creators with the tools to build a safer and more trustworthy internet. Since the WordPress CMS powers over 39% of the internet, this is the first platform that is supported.

WordProof’s Proof-of-Concept was initially funded by the innovative Telos WPS, followed by a Grant by blockchain tech-giant Block.OneIn June 2020, WordProof received financing by Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland, an initiative of the Dutch province of Noord-Holland, University van Amsterdam, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC, and Sanquin, with support from the European Union.


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