Lyconet And myWorld Get Off To A Flying Start In The New Year

The Lyconet Online Sensation at the end of January 2021 was a tremendous success and offered Lyconet Marketers all over the world exciting insights and news. The ultimate highlight of the event was the new Incentive Program known as the myWorld Share Program, which was launched by Lyconet in cooperation with its strategic partner myWorld.

Lyconet Marketers are dedicated to generating enthusiasm in people around the globe for themyWorld Benefit Program and its products and services. They are committed to expanding the myWorld Shopping Community by acquiring new customers and Loyalty Merchants. In the process of on-boarding additional Marketers, they are also building their own team. As a token of gratitude for their commitment to myWorld, the Marketers now have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from myWorld’s planned floatation. This is thanks to the myWorld Share Program.

Roadmap to success

myWorld is already active in over 50 countries and delights customers, Loyalty Merchants and cooperation partners worldwide. For this reason, the floatation of the company is merely the logical progression in the myWorld story of success. Lyconet will receive 25 percent of the myWorld shares, which will be distributed among those Marketers who are participating in the myWorld Share Program.

Marketers are now more than ever called upon to increase the volume of purchases generated by the myWorld Benefit Program, and to expand the number of customers and Loyalty Merchants. In doing so, they will raise the value of the company and, in turn, the value of the myWorld shares they may subsequently receive.

“Our motivation knows no bounds. In collaboration with our Marketers, we will pull out all the stops to elevate myWorld to a new level of success prior to the planned floatation,”

says a delighted Mario Kapun, CEO of Lyconet International.

From Marketer to shareholder

Marketers now have the chance to participate in the myWorld Share Program up until 2023 by redeeming their Benefit Vouchers in the usual manner when making purchases in the myWorld Benefit Store.

For each redeemed Benefit Voucher, Marketers will automatically receive a corresponding number of myWorld Share Points (mSP) as an additional incentive, which will be converted into myWorld shares from a specific date. Sounds simple, and it is! Naturally, newly registered Marketers will also have the opportunity to benefit from the myWorld Share Program.

For this reason, it is now all the more rewarding to register for free at and become a Lyconet Marketer in order to be a part of this ground-breaking success story.

About Lyconet

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As a network marketing specialist, Lyconet provides a wide range of professional training, services and tools, in order to offer its sales partners (Lyconet Marketers) the best possible support in their business activities.

Lyconet thereby ensures that the network is continuously expanded in terms of Members, Loyalty Merchants and Lyconet Marketers. For more information please visit

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