Melisa Poiraudeau Achieves Royal Black Diamond Status With The Happy Co.

Melisa Poiraudeau knows what it’s like to pull herself up by the bootstraps.

The now 45-year-old Niagara Falls, Canada, wife, mother of four daughters and grandmother to four grandchildren came from a childhood of abuse and poverty. In the course of her life, Melisa got pregnant at age 15, entered into an abusive relationship she almost didn’t survive and experienced homelessness.

“I made many mistakes learning how to be an adult without any role models, raise kids when I never had a childhood and learning how to make money coming from poverty,” she says.

Melisa eventually remarried and began working full time.

“I worked 60 hours a week in the finance industry, seeing my children only on Sundays,” she says. When her mother fell ill with terminal cancer in 2016, Melisa says she battled deep depression and anxiety.

During that time, a friend called her to tell her about The Happy Co.

“I didn’t know much about this industry and wasn’t in a place where I needed another job,” she says. But Melisa decided to help her friend out, so she signed up for the opportunity.


“Once the products arrived, I wasn’t even going to use them because, oddly enough, I don’t like coffee,” she says. But her husband began making the drinks for her, and that’s when everything began changing. Right off the bat, the coffee product took the place of the eight Pepsi drinks Melisa consumed each day, but she also saw herself emerge from that emotionally dark place and became less anxious and stressed. Both she and her husband began losing a substantial amount of weight.

“As time went on, sharing about these incredible products came natural,” she explains. Her husband, a former teacher, has primarily been a stay-at-home-dad, but within 10 months as a Brand Partner, Melisa left her six-figure career to stay home with her family, too.


“The one thing my children were missing was their mother, and now I am home with them,” she says.

The family even called a travel trailer “home” for five months as they embarked on a journey along Canada’s East Coast. “No more saying ‘No’ to family trips, events and fun,” Melisa says. “This business can travel with you.”

While she’s watched her own life transform, Melisa uses her business to empower others, too.

“I will continue to impact as many lives as possible positively,” she says, “to help people reach their dreams and see their true potential in themselves.”

In the long term, Melisa says she’d like to open a women’s abuse shelter. “I have stayed in many through the years growing up, and there was not much support or guidance,” she says. “There was no one to teach how to make money, get a job or to help build self esteem. I want to open one that does all of that to give women their best chance at starting again and loving themselves again.”\ 


The Happy Co., formerly Elepreneurs, launched in February 2021 with an established foundation of successful nootropic, functional beverage products that enhance mood, boost energy, enhance sleep, and make you look and feel like a younger person. The Happy Co. starts with products but does not end there. We are a lifestyle and a dose of happy. For more information about The Happy Co. go here.


Get more information, facts and figures about The Happy Co, click here for the The Happy Co overview.

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