Top Industry Leaders Dirk And Kerstin Oelrich Join Enhanzz Global

Dirk H. Oelrich, another well-known top leader and network icon, has joined the Swiss-European company ENHANZZ Global.

With his wife Kerstin, he has been active in various careers in network marketing for over 30 years, both as a leader in the field, building organizations of 10,000’s of partners worldwide and inside companies’ management. Both of them have known the CEO and founder of Enhanzz Global, Sven Goebel, for almost three decades.

Dirk Oelrich:

We lived in southern Spain with our three dogs for 11 years and were far off when setting up a business in the DACH region. Therefore, we concentrated on business outside of Europe for many years, such as South America or the Russian-speaking countries. In the meantime, we have relocated our home base back to Germany and are looking forward to building a massive business from here.

We have watched ENHANZZ Global emerge from the very beginning because we know Sven Göbel. Therefore, we understand how success-oriented, innovative, but also reliable a company he leads is. For us, the main factor was that ENHANZZ, as a Swiss company, not only manufactures and sells products “Made in Switzerland”, but that it is located in the heart of Europe.

During our recent visit to the companies headquarters, we were able to get to know the management and the entire service team and enthusiastically noticed that we immediately felt at home. What was particularly impressive was the professionalism of each individual and the enthusiasm for the common cause.

The products are fantastic and above all impress with their enormous quality and sustainability. Kerstin is so enthusiastic about the cosmetics line that she will be certified to become active in the professional cosmetics area, which is a novelty in our industry in synergy with the classic network business. We have big goals and see ENHANZZ as our masterpiece. Our vision is humongous.

CEO Sven Goebel stated:

We are delighted that with Dirk and Kerstin, once again, very experienced top leaders have joined our young and flourishing business. The timing is perfect, and the momentum is excellent. In Europe and outside, we currently seem to be the industry’s insider talk. That doesn’t happen from the start. You have to prove yourself and do your homework conscientiously.

Networkers are much better informed and more experienced today. If specific parameters are not right, they very quickly lose interest in a supposedly attractive business opportunity.

Anyone who visits us immediately recognizes that we have very high-quality standards and work tirelessly to meet them. During their visit to our company headquarters, Dirk and Kerstin could glimpse into the future and realize what incredible things we are planning to do now as we have warmed up. We are very much looking forward to a joint, successful, and professional cooperation.


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