Bellia Appoints Johnna Johnson As Chief Success Officer

Recruited by Hanna Shea Executive Search, Johnson brings nearly 25 years of experience in the direct sales industry.

She financed her college education by selling lipsticks and eye shadows through her direct sales business—earning her way into the top 2 percent of the company—and went on to serve in high-level positions on the corporate side in several direct sales companies. Her programs and events have won multiple awards from the Direct Selling Association.

At Bellia, Johnson will the Sales & Marketing team responsible for providing independent Brand Partners with the tools, education, recognition, and mentorship they need to excel throughout the world.

Bellia was founded by Curves Billionaire, Gary Heavin, alongside two of his most trusted and successful international Master Franchisees, Gonzalo Artiach and Antonio Barerra.

About Bellia

Bellia the Italian meaning for beautiful, is more than a company. It’s a celebration of life, a non-stop party for people who love beauty, fun, fashion, health, friendship… and each other. This high-energy tribe of style-minded folk burst onto the scene because the world is ready to smile again. Bellia’s big-hearted vibe can be traced to its roots in a brotherhood of business partners and friends spread across three countries and two continents.

Gary Heavin, Gonzalo Artiach and Antonio Barrera founded Bellia for the joy of creating together a joy they will be spreading to thousands, and then millions, of others. With hot-trending jewelry that every woman can relish, and every man can applaud, their mission is to throw sparkles of happiness across the globe. For more information please visit


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