Thomas & Chelsea Then — Powerhouse Couple Joins Digital Profit

Thomas Then comes from an entrepreneurial background — starting his first business at the age of 18, he has built and sold multiple businesses over the past 2 decades.

At 27, he was introduced to affiliate marketing by his sister, which he eventually signed up as a customer support her. However, after seeing the inspiring stories in the business over the following few months, he decided to give it some effort, an event he now considers “one of the best business decisions I have ever made, as it has given me the lifestyle traditional businesses in the past would have never been able to provide.”

Chelsea and Thomas met for the very first time because of the business. She originally overheard Thomas talking about the opportunity with someone else, and was immediately interested in it as a way to make an additional income. Chelsea was a 20 year old college student at the time, tired of accumulating more and more student loan debt.

She saw the opportunity as a way to change her life financially, so signed up and subsequently went all-in. In less than a year, Chelsea went from a newcomer to being the youngest female top earner in the entire company. Ever since then, Thomas and Chelsea have been a power couple in the network marketing space. Now, they have taken advantage of the next great opportunity in front of them in joining Digital Profit.

With 10 years of experience in network marketing, Chelsea and Thomas have experienced a lot of different sides of this business — meeting people from all walks of life, traveling the world, speaking in front of thousands, and leaving their mark on the industry. With awards like “youngest top earner”, “top 30 under 30” in Business For Home, and more, Chelsea and Thomas have been making waves. They’ve built teams of over 30,000 people and earned millions in income, though they attribute much of their success to the fantastic teams they’ve been surrounded with over the years.

They’ve even taken their network marketing success and leveraged it to start other traditional businesses, projects, and investments on the side — an incredible opportunity that network marketing has provided.

“I have been an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years now, and after experiencing several different types of traditional and online businesses, I still to this day believe that this compensated community model is one of the absolute best business models in the world. That is why we do it, and even when we work on other projects, we still always keep our focus and energy within the industry because there truly is nothing like it.”

Despite all of their success, Chelsea and Thomas feel that the perfect storm has now arrived and that everything up until this point has merely been a “warm-up” for what is about to come with Digital Profit.

Thomas and Chelsea are most excited about Digital Profit’s ability to put their money to work for them. “I have been on a mission for the last 6 years to really grow our money and make wise investments.” With a lot of income at a young age, Thomas admits that some of their initial spending and investments weren’t as lucrative as they could have been.

“At this stage of our life, we now know how incredibly priceless it is to have your money out working for you and to make smart investments no matter where you are in life.”

Thomas and Chelsea are most excited about Digital Profit’s automated trading solutions and innovative digital products that put your money to work for you.

“I have been in the Forex space for many years and have had a good bit of success trading our money. Although I am fascinated by it, I didn’t have time to watch charts, nor do I really desire to. So to have something that can automate what I was already doing and make the trading process more streamlined, it is game over.” Chelsea loves the trading opportunity as well, but as a novice, she feels relieved to be able to share something automated with people like her, who might not want to spend the time learning the ins and outs of the market!

Better yet, Digital Profit’s platforms are more than just automated — they’re successful.

“I have actually been watching the products in action with our own money for the last several months, and this has honestly been one of the most successful (and consistent) platforms for trading I’ve seen yet.”

When it comes to achieving financial freedom in today’s modern landscape, “making money through technology is the way of the future.” Digital Profit puts this technology into the hands of its customers while allowing them “the option to build a business” along the way.

“We know people can’t afford not to make smart investments to make their money go to work, or not have a second source of income. It is just the smart thing to do, especially now more than ever. We live in one of the most amazing times in history for leveraging your time with technology. Digital Profit is the purest form of a lifestyle company.”

Their favorite product over the last few months has been the broadcast trading, and they are excited to explore the innovative cryptocurrency and blockchain offerings as well because they have a strong potential to become the financial tools of the future.

“It’s a very empowering feeling to take the guesswork out of trading. Everyone wants to make money in the markets but unfortunately most lose for lack of time or skillset. This technology gives everyone the ability to participate no matter their skill level or time available. Every single person I have introduced this to has been blown away.”

Thomas and Chelsea are excited to be part of Digital Profit and to work closely with the corporate team as well.

“What is cool for us in this situation is that we actually do know the owners and most of the corporate team, as we have worked with these people for years in the past! We are so happy and excited to all be reconnected in business, and we confidently know that the company is in great hands! Belief and trust for your corporate team is so important.”

Chelsea and Thomas have a powerful reason for participating in this industry — and it might be familiar to many of you as well — to provide for their family and their future family, and to make a generational impact, not just financially but with the time they get to spend with them. He shares, “God has placed us where we are now for a reason, and it is a big part of our mission to help others achieve true freedom for themselves!”

“Chelsea and I have always felt an immense amount of pressure to lead people the right way. With a focus on truth and integrity first, they envision that their teams will “build a life-changing business on a foundation of integrity, have belief in themselves and the business, and have full confidence to go after all of their biggest goals and dreams.”

They have hit the ground running with Digital Profit, and Thomas shares with us that “legendary leaders and partners we have worked with in the past will be making some serious noise real soon, so you will be hearing from them!”

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