Top Rising Star Poll 2021

The young rising stars of Direct Sales everyone in the industry should get to know or to follow, the EAGLES! ?

Young rising stars in Network Marketing are nominated by the Ambassadors of Network marketing, and our community.

This list is by no means comprehensive. To be eligible, apart from sterling endorsements and a strong track record, we asked that nominees be 35 years young or under and should be growing quickly in popularity or importance.

The rising star shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.

We have nominated 125+ Top Rising Stars, in cooperation with numerous Direct Selling Professionals.

To keep our polls honest:

  • You can vote 1 time only, through our free app (iOS and Android).  
  • To prevent “ghost votes” we have implemented a number of undisclosed algorithms.
  • Please do not try to “Buy votes” or hack the system, we notice that.
  • We will terminate voting for the one involved in fraud without mercy…

One word of advise: Do not wait till the last 2 days to mobilise your troops to vote. Somehow this website is a popular target for DDoS attacks, and sometimes we are forced to end voting to keep the website up and running.

If you want to nominate an awesome Young Rising Star, please email our Support Desk.

This poll is closed, it is no longer possible to vote

The poll will end 17 April 2021
at 12.00 pm (Amsterdam Time)

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The Top 80:

After 12,738 votes:

Cayan Tavana (NL) 3,126 votes
Viraj Patil (IN) 1,792 votes
Esperanca Americo (MZ) 1,096 votes
Erika Delgado (CO) 430 votes
Albert Gyeke (US) 409 votes
Karabo Moabelo (ZA) 393 votes
Marion Tenda (CM) 347 votes
Jackie Birchfield (US) 210 votes
Jason Rodriguez (DO) 203 votes
Marine Charrie (FR) 190 votes
Lorena Gabor (RO) 180 votes
Nthabiseng Hartvig (ZA) 114 votes
Hernan Calderon (CR) 89 votes
Emma Trust Agaba (UG) 87 votes
Grace Venter (AU) 85 votes
Roda Hassan Elmi (CA) 83 votes
Michelle Groote (NL) 79 votes
Selman Olgun (TR) 57 votes
Jennifer Switzer (US) 45 votes
Michelle Geouge (US) 34 votes
Kaine Harriott (US) 28 votes
Jitte Te Pas (NL) 25 votes
Etienne Gillard (CA) 23 votes
Steph Wise (CA) 21 votes
Eduardo Toledo (MX) 14 votes
Rakan Khalifa (CA) 13 votes
Alyssa Cowart (US) 9 votes
Andreas Küffner (DE) 9 votes
Maniya Canty (US) 9 votes
Alyssa Favreau (US) 8 votes
Chad Thompson (US) 8 votes
Daniel Moreno (CH) 6 votes
Ester Mercado (US) 6 votes
Nadine Rummeling (PH) 6 votes
Amy Poepping (US) 5 votes
Andres Uscategui (CO) 5 votes
Artur Heinrich (DE) 5 votes
Maxime Pierre (FR) 5 votes
Quentin Sitch (NL) 5 votes
Andrea Traina (IT) 4 votes
Austin Godsey (US) 4 votes
Kevin Londot (GB) 4 votes
Giorgio Trabaldo (IT) 3 votes
Jeff Simpson Jr (US) 3 votes
Khanh Hai (VN) 3 votes
Marius Fulgu (RO) 3 votes
Mauricio Sotelo (PE) 3 votes
Polina Klyukach (RU) 3 votes
Razvan Dinca (RO) 3 votes
Benjamin Heyny (AT) 2 votes
Breanna Killpack (US) 2 votes
David Durant (CA) 2 votes
Francesco Aieta (IT) 2 votes
Hayden Vavra (US) 2 votes
Jonathan Lopez (US) 2 votes
Maurice Sommer (AT) 2 votes
Omar De Tommaso (IT) 2 votes
Pierre Relekom (BE) 2 votes
Rachele Grimoldi (IT) 2 votes
Rachell Ko (US) 2 votes

Total voters: 12,738

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