ibüümerang Ambassadors Xccelerate At Light Speed

Xccelerate Light Speed, hosted in lovely Mazatlán, was a two-day event that was a game-changer for both ibüümerang and ibüümerang’s Ambassadors. From the launch of two new groundbreaking verticals, new promotions, and increased bonuses, Xccelerate delivered exactly what was needed to kick off the #yearoftherebound!

The two-day event started with Ambassadors coming together from all over the world and joining the ibüümerang family at the Mazatlán International Convention Center. Mr. Holton Buggs, CEO of ibüümerang, opened the general session with a keynote message focused on four concepts:

  1. Inflection Points
  2. Year of the Rebound
  3. Innovation
  4. Earn, Save, Live

The impact of his words was felt in the massive ballroom, where the event was hosted, and by the thousands of Ambassadors who watched the live stream from all around the world.

The Star Achiever Lunch was the highlight of day one. It was exclusive to Star Achievers, Super Star Achievers, and the Elite Diamonds. Along with enjoying the wonderful food and the stunning decor, they took this chance to catch up, network, and enjoy their time together and enjoy being a part of the elite ibüümerang Star Achiever Program.

The afternoon brought the launch of the new wearable technology called SkinTech! SkinTech is a revolutionary antimicrobial foam that protects the skin for four continuous hours while gently moisturizing and leaving the skin feeling silky smooth. Watch the video below to see all of the applications for this new product.

Day two kicked off with the general session led by Mr. Edwin Haynes, ibüümerang’s Global Master Ambassador, with four concepts:

  1. Belief
  2. Posture
  3. Action
  4. Results

Ambassadors got up on their chairs and gave Mr. Haynes feedback and affirmation that resonated and inspired them to take action and get results! The results showed with Ambassadors selling tens of thousands of units of the new groundbreaking SkinTech product.

The other major vertical to launch was Ellev8, a launch that will go down in history. Ellev8 is a Legacy Management Platform that teaches financial literacy, educates you on Forex trading, and empowers individuals to design their financial future for generations. Thousands have joined Ellev8 in the two weeks since launch, with thousands more joining in the coming months. What came first? Travel or Trade? Watch the video below…

Additional announcements included the new Back Office as well as Vibe Rides’ Peer to Peer delivery service. Vibe Drivers can now deliver packages to their desired destination through the Vibe Rides app. And The Büüm Foundation has now reached over 10 million servings of nutrition to children in need worldwide.

And the final surprise was the Star Achiever Bonus Plan. Mr. Buggs walked the Ambassadors through the new bonuses that will impact lives and families around the world. It includes the Star Achiever Bonus, an individual bonus based on each Star Achiever in your organization, and the Monthly Lifestyle Bonus for achieving their rank consistently each month.

Day two ended with an incredible closing celebration, where Ambassadors spent quality time with each other and celebrated their successes. There is no party like an ibüümerang party. Ambassadors left with memories that will last forever, and they are taking action with the results rolling in Post-Xccelerate. Tens of thousands of units of the new groundbreaking skincare product SkinTech have been sold, and thousands have registered for the Ellev8 Legacy Management Platform!

Watch the Xccelerate Light Speed video below to relive the fun and excitement in Mazatlán!


About ibüümerang

Officially launched on September 1, 2019, ibüümerang’s vision is to be a consumer-centric company focused on the philosophy of giving back. ibüümerang’s mission is to create a worldwide movement to empower people via the PRIB™ (Perpetual Residual Income Builder™), to provide an opportunity to succeed without selling by offering a 5-Star Lifestyle at 3-Star Prices™, and to support The BüüM Foundation in providing an abundant life for every child on the planet.

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